SSD hard drive, how to choose to buy SSD hard drive

SSD hard drive, how to choose to buy SSD hard drive

Similar to an HDD, an SSD is also used to store working data on a user’s computer, but SSDs often have a much higher price than HDDs with the same capacity. To explain this, please join Taimienphi to find out the following content.

You do not know SSD hard drive what? Want to learn about this type of hard drive? Is there anything different from the HDD that we often use?

What is SSD and Experience to buy

The knowledge that this article provides will partly help you understand how to choose and use an SSD. Please refer to the content below for more details.

What is an SSD?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a solid state drive. It is made up of many non-volatile memory chips, which help write and store data in flash chips. As a result, data access is almost instantaneous rather than on HDD.

What is ssd?

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Choosing to buy SSD to note what?

The choice of a hard drive for a computer is very important. You need to choose to buy an SSD with the largest storage capacity, because the larger the capacity, the higher the performance. However, the bigger, the more expensive the price. SSDs currently exist in three main categories:

guide to buy ssd

What is an SSD, HDD?

The type of using NAND Single Layer Cell (SLC) has a speed that is not too high but very durable, erasing 100,000 times.

The type using NAND Multi Layer Cell (MLC) has high speed but durability is 10 times worse than SLC (P / E cycle reaches only 10,000 times). Thanks to the cheaper price, MLC is currently the most popular SSD.

The type uses NAND Triple Layer Cell (TLC). This type has a high speed but the least durable, reaching only a maximum of 1000 write erase, which is a hundred times worse than SLC type. Products using SLC now have Samsung 840 but not many people like it.

SSDs have been dominating the market. You should choose the type of SSD that suits your finances. However, the use of a computer also has a big influence on the age of your hard drive. Therefore, please take care and use the computer well to avoid unfortunate situations. Also refer to Optimize SSD with SSD Fresh to know how to optimize your SSD memory card.
SSDs have many types of portable hard drives today, users often equip a portable hard drive to store data and increase performance for the system, if economic conditions allow, you should also own yourself an SSD mobile hard drive.


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