Standard IELTS 2020 exam format

Standard IELTS 2020 exam format

Understanding the IELTS exam structure is a way to help students know what skills they need to practice in order to confidently enter the exam. While some people already know about the rules and structure of the IELTS test, many others still do not understand the requirements of the test like? Please refer to the following article for an update on the structure of the IELTS test.

IELTS test structure usually included in full 4 parts, corresponding to 4 listening skills (Listening) – speaking (Speaking) – reading (Reading) – writing (Writing). In which 3 skills of listening, reading and writing will be tested on the same day, between subjects without break time. Speaking can also take the same day or take place on the next test day compared to the other 3 skills, depending on the center you are registered to take the exam. The total time for the 4 corresponding sections is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Summary of IELTS exam structure

The IELTS test consists of two forms: (IELTS Academic – Academic) and (IELTS General – General). Depending on the purpose, you choose the appropriate IELTS test format. With Academic IELTS, this certificate is for those who want to study abroad. IELTS general is suitable for those who want to work abroad or settle.

Standard IELTS 2020 exam format

Below is the structure of IELTS 4 skills you can refer to:

1. IELTS – Listening exam structure

Whether you take the IELTS exam in either academic or general format, you have the same listening section. The structure of the listening test will consist of 4 sentences, corresponding to 40 questions, each sentence with a duration of one minute. Each candidate can only listen once with 10 seconds of rest in the paragraph, and after the listening test, he / she will be given 10 minutes to complete the answer to the test.

+) Part 1: The conversation between the two focuses on topics around daily life

+) Part 2: An introductory conversation or instruction on a problem

+) Part 3: A conversation of group of people focusing on the topic of education, scientific research such as teachers and students discussing exercises, …

+) Part 4: A monologue using highly academic words that require listeners to be able to concentrate on grasping and deepening the problem chain.

2. IELTS – Reading exam structure

In this part of the test, the IELTS academic and general format have different questions.

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IELTS Reading test structure

+) IELTS Academic Reading: The IELTS Reading section consists of 40 questions in 60 minutes. Different types of questions to test candidates’ reading skills can be grasping the main ideas, details, reading comprehension to realize the writer’s attitude and attitude. This reading section consists of 3 paragraphs extracted from newspapers, books, magazines on various types such as description, analysis, …

+) IELTS general reading section:

The generalized IELTS exam has the same academic structure and time format. However, topics often related to everyday situations taken from books, newspapers, etc. in an English speaking environment.

3. IELTS – Writing exam structure

The IELTS Writing test is also divided into two types: academic and general.

+) Academic IELTS Writing (Academic): This test is structured with 2 tasks 1 with a minimum requirement of 150 words and task 2 is 250 words with the following specific requirements:

– Task 1: The requirements of this part of the test are usually to write descriptions of charts, diagrams, graphs, reports, … with the available data. In addition, candidates may also be required to describe a process, item or event, etc.

– Task 2: Ask to write an essay (Essay) to give your opinion, opinion on a certain issue in life.

+) General Training IELTS Writing (General Training):

– Task 1: You will be given a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information or explanation of that situation. The letter may be written in formal, informal, or casual style.

– Task 2: You will be asked to write an essay to give your opinion, opinion on a certain issue. Compared to Task 2 of the academic form, this competition has more intimate styles.

4. Structure of IELTS – Speaking test

The time for the IELTS Speaking test is limited to 11 – 14 minutes. Each candidate’s test is recorded. The oral examinations of the academic and general forms are the same.

– Part 1: Candidates will be asked questions related to themselves and many other topics such as name, age, family, job, hobbies, … The time for this test is about 4 – 5 minutes.

– Part 2: The competitor will be given a specific topic and will talk about it. You have 1 minute to prepare before speaking and the maximum presentation time is 2 minutes. The examiner will then ask 1 or 2 questions on the topic to finish the section.

– Part 3: The examiner will ask you questions around the topic in part 2. These questions give you the opportunity to discuss more about the previous topic with a duration of about 4-5 minutes.

Above is the IELTS exam structure with updated details and clarity. Hope readers can understand the requirements and exam structure to plan study preparation in the most effective way. Besides, to assess the ability of candidates, the IELTS exam also always contains the “conundrum” questions so you need to have secrets or tips to pass easily, the Tips for writing in the IELTS exam which we have shared so you can refer to the best test.


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