Standard image size Facebook 2020

Let’s take a look at the standard Facebook image sizes when you post them as avatars, cover images for your personal page or Fanpage, Groups, knowing this information will help you create and resize it beautifully. especially when posting all information is clearly displayed.

Each image when you upload to Facebook also need to ensure the principles of standard Facebook image size to get the best photos, no size reduction, cropping and full display information.

Standard image size Facebook, cover photos, standard avatar on Facebook

For a variety of purposes such as exchanging friends information, advertising on Facebook, images need to be clearly displayed, to understand the rules and dimensions before posting is essential. Join us to learn about the standards, the Standard Facebook image size through the following article

Summary of the standard image size Facebook

* For Fanpage Facebook or Groups (groups)


– On a computer: 170×170 pixels
– On a smartphone: 128×128 pixels
– On regular phones: 36×36 pixels

Cover image

– On a computer: 820×312 pixels
– On a smartphone: 640 x 360 pixels

Activate your Facebook account

* For personal Facebook.

Cover image

– On a computer: 850×314 pixels
– On a smartphone: 640 x 360 pixels

Photo representative

– On a computer: 170×170 pixels
– On a smartphone: 128×128 pixels
– On regular phones: 36×36 pixels

You can refer to the article about how Change Facebook cover photo.

Attention: Avatar and cover image with logo or text, we should use image format .PNG will show more clearly and beautifully.

The quick upload image format is .JPG

3. Thumbnail, when sharing the link

– Minimum size: 470 x 246 pixels
– Maximum size: 1200 x 628 pixels

4. Size an image to upload to the timeline

Vertical rectangle.

– Maximum: 952 × 1428 pixels
– Minimum: 476 x714 pixels

Horizontal rectangle.

– Maximum: 316 × 476 pixels
– Minimum: 952 × 632 pixels

Square: 1080 × 1080 pixels

5. Size of event photos

– Standard: 1200 × 628 pixels

Maximum file size per image: 5 MB

The regulation on maximum handwriting in an ad includes: Header is 25 words, Body copy is 135 words

* Regulations on writing status:

– Length of Status update: 63,206 words
– Length of Comment: Unlimited

* The maximum capacity for uploading videos to Facebook is 1024 Mb with length is 20 minutes.
So with the note about the standard Facebook image size, you can freely customize the images and sizes on your personal page in the most reasonable and eye-catching way. In addition, the business you can refer to the Standard Facebook image size for sales Help increase customers here.


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