Standard YouTube cover image size

Wondering what a standard YouTube cover image size is? What about thumbnail images and thumbnail sizes on YouTube? See the answer of in the article below.

Surely you are not new to Youtube! Perhaps this is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world today with the number of viewers as well as the number of video producers is very large for this social network. Youtobe currently has a drastic interface change, and is accompanied by a change in Youtobe cover photo size, avatars and avartar avatars.

Standard cover image of Youtube page

Standard YouTube cover image size

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If you are one of the video producers for YouTube or you simply decorate your personal YouTube channel with beautiful images, then know the standard size information for the types of photos below.

1. Size of avatar image on YouTube

Avatar image on YouTube (Profile Picture): Use this image the same way you use an avatar image. When you interact with the user on the YouTube page, this avatar will appear.

Currently, the size YouTube representative is: 110 x 110 px.

2. Cover image size on YouTube (cover images)

Cover image on YouTube (cover photo): Use this cover image when users have access to your YouTube channel, users will see this cover image at the top of the channel.

The standard cover art for YouTube images is: 2560 x 1440 px.

3. Thumbnail image size on YouTube

Thumbnail image on YouTube: This image is used to display in every video on the Youtube page. When using this thumbnail, users will see the first image before clicking to watch your video.

The standard Thumbnail image for YouTube is: 1280 x 720 px.

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The image above is the standard size information for Youtobe videos
Above is the official information about standard YouTube cover image size and latest for you to grasp and note the editing, set to the correct size regulations, In addition, if you use Facebook and are learning to make decorative cover images for your personal Facebook page, please refer to it immediately. as a Facebook cover photo shared and follow it!


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