Standee size stand, to standard tables

Standee size stand, to standard tables

Knowing the standard Standee size makes it easy for you and your business to design, present, and help advertise, introduce new products and promote certain events with high efficiency. Let’s find out about basic standee size, popular today in the following article of

Standee is an advertising tool used to introduce and promote products in seminars, events, …. Standee’s structure, dimensions have been designed and standardized around the world. Using Standee is one of the ways to advertise products simply, quickly but effectively for businesses.

Standee standard sizes of Standee type and Standee desktop

Standard Standee size

1. Standee size desktop

This small standee is usually designed for desktop use, with this type of standee often providing information about the gastric product, or a small announcement. Material to make this standee is plastic with standard size 20cm x 30cm (A4) or 30cm x 40cm (A3). However, if you want to be larger or smaller than the standard dimensions listed above, you can take the initiative to customize them accordingly.

The figure below is a demo of a standard desktop standee size.

your smoking standee

2. Standee size stand

This standee has two sizes according to the standard and quite popular today:

– Small size standee stand size 0.6m x 1.6m (60cm x 160cm).
– Big size standee stand size 0.8m x 1.8m (80cm x 180cm).

In addition, there is another standard standee size that is 0.8m x 2m (80cm x 200cm).

Activate standee content

Besides the above-sized standees, there are standard standee sizes for each type of standee today, specifically as follows:

2.1. Standee X

This standee has a minimum size of 20 x 42 cm (A3) and is normally used on product display tables. In addition, users can also customize to have size types such as 60cm x 160cm, 80cm x 180cm, 120cm x 20cm.

Standee Standard 4

2. 2. Standee type X hangs a 2-sided poster

This type you can adjust the poster size as you like, this standee stand can be filled with water or sand maximum weight of 10 kg. Standee X size (X-shaped rack) is popular with two sizes of 60cm x 160cm or 80cm x 180cm.

standee chuan 5

2.3. L-shaped standee

This standee has dimensions of 60cm x 160cm, 80cm x 180cm, 90cm x 210cm and you can adjust the height. This Standee L is quite popular and is chosen a lot to advertise and introduce products.

standee chuan 6

2.4. L-shaped standee with 2-sided poster

This standee size 80cm x 200cm is often used to display outdoor pictures.

2.5. Standee hung 2-sided poster

This standee is a cross iron leg, you can make the height of the Standee adjustable, with a standard size of 60cm x 160cm.

2.6. Standee cross leg hanging 2 sided poster

This type of iron and aluminum alloy hanging frame, can be adjusted to the height when printing posters. Standee cross leg size is 60cm x 160cm.

standee chuan 7

2.7. Standee roll

This standee is usually kept indoors and is suitable for frequent travel. These are standard sizes of 60cm x 160cm, 80cm x 200cm or 80cm x 200cm. There are also mini book types A4, A3.

The picture below is the standard size Standee: 60cm x 160cm

standee chuan 8

And this is a mini A4 Standee, A3 desktop, the frame is usually made of synthetic plastic or aluminum alloy.

Standee Stand 9
Above is the standard Standee size need to know for you to give the appropriate size when designing, thereby ensuring your intended use is always the most appropriate and reasonable. You can choose the type of Standee or Standee table, and refer to Standee design template Nice ad to have suitable selection. Good luck!


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