Start Windows 10 fast by turning on Fast Startup

Did you know Fast Startup in Windows 10? This feature is a combination of hibernation and shutdown processes to help reduce the system’s loading time. You can use Fast Startup, then your computer will boot faster. How to turn on Fast Startup? The following article will guide you how to start Windows 10 fast by turning on Fast Startup. Stay tuned

Basically the Fast Startup feature is enabled by default in Windows 10. In case you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 to 10, sometimes this feature is not enabled. But just a few steps will help you reactivate this feature.

Start Windows 10 fast by turning on Fast Startup

Step 1: Right-click on the Start menu and select Power Options

Step 2: Window Power Options show you click on item Require a password on wakeup

restart Windows 10 quickly

Step 3: Section Shutdown settings, you tick the section Turn on fast startup (recommend) and press Save changes to save the changes

restart Windows 10 quickly

In case the option box is dimmed and the checkbox cannot be selected. You click on the link Change settings that are currently unavailable, here you can select the section again Turn on fast startup

restart Windows 10 quickly

The above is a quick guide to starting Windows 10 by turning on Fast Startup, but there are some mixed opinions when using this feature as it may interfere with the installation of updates or problems with the section. Soft coding so you should also consider.

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