Stream live video of the game of Pursuit on Facebook

Pursuit is a very popular game on the web. With the same nice graphics but rich game mode. Once you have mastered the game of Pursuit, become a good player of this game, then try streaming Pursuit on Facebook to let your friends see directly how to play Pursuit.

With the recent live Facebook video streaming feature, the live streaming of Pursuit game on Facebook will help you share your live gaming images with friends, showing your skills and marksmanship. With a good player, you will easily receive positive interactions with your Facebook account after streaming Pursuit.

How to live the Pursuit on Facebook, the Live stream Pursuit on Facebook

Step 1: Access the homepage and log in to your Pursuit account.

Step 2: Download and install Open Broadcast Software here: Download Open Broadcast Software

Step 3: Set up Raid streaming on Facebook, right click on the frame in the OBS window Sources choose Add ->Window Capture .

Direct access to facebook 2

Step 4: You can enter an arbitrary name for the source you just added.

Direct access on Facebook 3

Step 5: On the Window Capture window select Pursuit – Click is shot with the browser you are using then press OK, got it .

develop direct access on facebook 4

Step 6: After being returned to the main interface of OBS, press Settings .

live access on facebook 5

Step 7: Access the address THIS to set up Raid stream on Facebook. Press Create Video directly on Facebook .

Direct access to facebook on facebook 6

If after clicking Create live video on Facebook you do not see any windows pop up, click the icon next to the address bar and then click on the link as shown below

live access on facebook 7

Step 8: On the pop-up window that appears, select Share on your own Timeline then select Next .

live access on facebook 8

Step 9: Then, you fill in the necessary information such as Status line , Title, Tags video (tags) for Pursuit streaming to your Facebook. Then memorize the two parameters Server URL and Lock the stream at this window.

develop direct access on facebook 9

Step 10: Go back to the OBS Settings window. In the left column, select Broadcast settings and then paste the parameters in the server URL box into the box FMS URL and Lock box at the box Play path / Stream key (if any) then press OK, got it to save changes.

develop direct access on facebook 10

Step 11: After setup is complete, press Start Streaming to start sending live streaming data from OBS to Facebook.

develop direct access on facebook 11

Step 12: Back to the Facebook streaming window, after most Start Streaming from OBS will take a short time for Facebook to receive data. Once the signal has been captured you can press Live streaming .

develop direct access on facebook 12

After the live broadcast, you and your Facebook users can see what you are streaming and interact with it.

Direct access on Facebook 13

With the tutorial of’s Facebook Chat, it will help you know how to stream Pursuit and your favorite games to Facebook. The game live stream to Facebook is quite troublesome but you just need to manipulate 1-2 times will quickly get used to this.

In addition, if you want to play League of Legends game on Facebook, refer to how to stream League on Facebook has been detailed instructions in the previous tip by Taimienphi, the live stream of Alliance video helps you share how to play. to everyone.

Currently, the Pursuit game is available on mobile with 2 operating systems, Android and iOS, if you want to try your best in the mobile pursuit game, download Mobile Pursuit on your device.
Garena is an online LAN that supports gamers playing games, competing with each other around the world, and with the current live streaming game feature, in addition to competing, gamers can also stream sports. To interact with your friends with the game, refer to the way Live Stream game from PC to Garena for more details.


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