Streaming and Downloading, which one to use?

Comparing streaming and downloading provides users with the basic knowledge to distinguish two common concepts in the Internet world, namely streaming and downloading.

Compare streaming and downloading provide users with the basic knowledge to distinguish two common concepts in the Internet world, namely streaming and downloading. Also with this article, readers will know should Select streaming or downloading in many cases.

Maybe many people will confuse the two Streaming and downloading concepts How is used and why there is a difference between streaming and downloading. In this article, will work with you to explore the differences, compare streaming and downloading the most specific.

Differences between streaming and downloading on a computer

To learn more about the difference between streaming and downloading, let’s take a look at what the concept of streaming and downloading means. It is also an easy way to compare streaming and downloading.

What is streaming? What is broadcast online?

Streaming is understood to be the playback of the content of a file that can be a video, image or document from a server. And when streaming, the user is retrieving data packets from the server via the Internet and to serve that file immediately and directly.

  Choose whether to stream or download

Streaming has many similarities with online TV, although you can watch the content of the file directly but cannot view it without an Internet connection.

Currently there are a lot of software to support users to stream on computers, especially for streaming videos directly on Facebook, such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Xsplit. also used to have posts Compare OBS and Xsplit Read on to see the difference between Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Xsplit.

What is downloading? What is file download?

Unlike Streaming, Downloading is understood as downloading a file or copying a file from the Internet to the computer’s storage memory. After that, users can easily use those files forever when having appropriate support tools such as music player, video, reading documents.

What is streaming and downloading?

The popular software to download today is Internet Download Manager (IDM), Free Donwload Manager, FlashGet, Ant Download Manager. Especially among them, IDM is currently the most popular and widely used download support software.

So using Streaming and Downloading in any case?

– If you want to review the file at any time and do not depend on the Internet: Download the file to your computer instead of streaming.

However, please note that the download (file download) will depend on the Internet speed and the current connection is wired or Wi-Fi network. Usually download on a wired network will give you faster speed but limited space. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi is more convenient but compensates for the speed is not as high as the wired network.

Different between streaming and downloading

When comparing streaming and downloading, you will find streaming in this case it will be difficult to meet the needs of your file playback anytime because of the dependence on the Internet connection to view.

– If you do not download a file to your computer because it is not really important and needs storage: Please streaming.

The fact that there are files that are not really important, for example an entertainment video or documentary file for a short-term purpose, you probably won’t want to download to your computer. At this time, streaming or watching online is quite convenient but still meets the requirements of users.

In addition, when comparing streaming and downloading, it can be seen that streaming has the advantage of consuming less bandwidth with good compression ratio and video and image quality. Most websites run low-resolution content to optimize the user experience. For example, with the H.264 video standard can help reduce file size, besides, streaming is a relatively effective way to save data compared to downloading files to a computer with a capacity of dozens, hundreds MB or GB data.

However, streaming requires a high Internet connection speed to avoid excessive pauses, hindering user experience.
Following the current trend, streaming is becoming more popular than ever, especially the trend of live video streaming on Facebook is very popular, quite interesting is that users can Live Stream Facebook anytime, anywhere, Unlimited time and space, as long as there is an Internet connection. Meanwhile, download is still a concept that will always exist in the Internet world forever.


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