Strikes the strongest army in AOE Empire

As we know in the Empire game, also known as AOE, there are many types of guillotine troops like Per, Pal, Yamato, Roman … but one of them is the most guillotine Palmyran and Persian. With the article below, hope readers will understand better about these two most powerful guillotines.

Arguably the strongest slash pieces with the duo’s super-early-life ability Palmyran and Persian. Early life, good fighting will weaken the enemy’s defenses, making it impossible for the opponent to impose their play and then victory will be at your fingertips.

Strikes the strongest army in AOE Empire

Strikes the strongest army in AOE Empire

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1. Palmyran

Palmyran is a very expensive farmer (75 real versus 50 real) army with the other army fish. So why say Palmyran is a guillotine that brings nightmares in the AOE empire game? Let’s first know some information about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of army.

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– Advantages:

* Farmer’s working speed is 25% faster than other army farmers
* When born the default was + 1 armor
* Plus 50% of the fruit rate
* Pump map does not take waste
* 25% movement speed of Camel
* A type of wheeled army


* Price to buy farmers is expensive
* Double kick and weak cannon

As one of the types of troops capable of squeezing life, creating a surge in matches. With taking advantage of early life, Palmyran is often a slash that mutates at the beginning, can overwhelm the opponent from the first moment of life.

As for the poor, life is not really early, you should combine wild food to get up and then scare the house. After successful defense, then you raise the wheel and then hit camel, horse slash or R bow depending on the situation at the time.

So in the hands of masters like Chimsedinang or Hehe, the Palmyran is an extremely scary army with barefoot camels touching the ground.

2. Persian

In the non-Macedonian empire, Persian was also a kind of army without wheels, but because of that, the ability of Persian farmers to eat deer deer was very fast, with the advantage of early life. Because of the ability to slash early life so very strong.

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– Advantages

* Farmers eat elephant deer meat 30% faster than other farmers
* Movement speed of 4 consecutive elephants is + 30%
* Has blood head, bow A and Horse god


* No wheels
* Farming farmers are deducted 30%

Because farmers exploit deer meat fast, the amount of food accumulated makes the ability to squeeze life a slashing advantage from the beginning. Therefore, top 1 gamers often prefer to hold these kinds of pieces. But fighting in the long term is even more detrimental because Persian farmers do not have wheels.

Finally, just wants to tell you that Palmyran and Persian are the two biggest slashing troops that can change and change the situation of any match. In any one category, hitting teams 3-3 or 4-4, Persian vs Palmyran are the two types of troops with the highest damage. If you like to play R bow, you refer to the types of troops with R and the strongest in the article of types Army with R arc in Empire here.
If you play AOE then surely you will have to once hear “scaly e”, so flake e in empireWhat is AOE? All will be answered in the article of tips shared on, please refer.


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