Summary of 50 shortcuts in Google Drive

How many shortcuts do you know in Google Drive, Google’s free online file storage and sharing service up to 15GB? Instead of having to use a mouse, with the Google Drive shortcut, your processing will be many times faster.

Shortcut set Google Drive provide us invaluable shortcuts to serve Google Drive more conveniently, especially when using Google Drive on a computer, the shortcut actions will support users to download files google drive or recover deleted data on Google Drive easier.

The most effective use is to find out what the keyboard shortcuts are for, for example, to download Google Drive files or recover deleted file data for easy application and to remember those shortcuts.

Summary of shortcuts in Google Drive

1. Set of Google Drive keyboard shortcuts for navigation

– Ctrl + Space or X or Ctrl + X: Select or remove the item
– Shift + ↓: Extend the selection down
– Shift + ↑: Extend selection to up
– Shift + →: Extend selection to the right
– Shift + ←: Extend selection to the left
– J or ↓: Select the item below
– K or ↑: Select the item above
– L or →: Select the item on the left
– H or ←: Select the item on the right
– Ctrl + ↓: Move down without changing the selection
– Ctrl + ↑: Move up without changing the selection
– Ctrl + →: Move to the right without changing the selection
– Ctrl + ←: Move left without changing the selection
– Ctrl + A or Shift + A: Select all items
– Shift + N: Delete all selections

2. Shortcut set in Google Drive for moving files and folders

– G + A: Display the download status bar
– G + T: Display the top of the page
– G + P: Display outside the folder
– G + N or G + F: Quick access to My Drive (Navigation drawer)
– G + L: Select a folder
– G + D: Display the pane to view the activity details
– G + U: Display the upload status bar

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3. The set of Google Drive shortcut keys to perform menu creation and interaction tasks

* Create new files

– Shift + O: Create a new form
– Shift + D: Create a new drawing
– Shift + F: Create a new folder
– Shift + T: Create a new document
– Shift + P: Create a new presentation file
– Shift + S: Create a new workbook

* Manipulation with the application

-? or Ctrl + /: display the shortcut
– D: Hide / show details pane
– I: Hide / show the active pane
– V: Switch between list view
and grid view
– /: Search in Drive
– Q + Q: Select an image display density
– M: Display the last message

* Operation of the menu

– F: Action with My Driver (current directory)
– C: Open the Create new menu
– A: Other actions
– R: Sort files and folders
– T: Open the setup menu

* Manipulating tasks

– Enter or O: Open the item
N: Rename the item
– “.” (dot): Share the selected item
– P: Preview selected items
– Delete or #: Delete the selected file
– Z: Move the selected item
– Shift + Z: Add selected items to another folder
– S: Star / unstar a folder
– Ctrl + Z: Undo
– Ctrl + Shift + Z: Cancel undo

The above set of Google Drive shortcuts will help you create a habit of using shortcuts in Google Drive to save time, and when you understand the necessary Google Drive shortcuts, users can use it. to recover deleted data on Google Drive, or upload files to Google Drive.

Google Drive, like OneDrive, also has desktop and mobile versions, with these versions, you will have to install Google Drive, and of course after installing Google Drive and using it on your computer, you will also You must be familiar with software shortcuts to make online data storage more convenient.

Links with Google Drive now have Gmail and Google Docs services, so will create Gmail shortcuts or Google Docs shortcuts associated with Google Drive, to easily switch data between Google services, Make sure to learn more about the Gmail shortcut and the Google Docs shortcut. And also can not forget the shortcut OneDrive, Dropbox, the cloud storage service is quite prominent today.
Good luck!


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