Summary of 7 ways to get Free Fire Diamonds for free

Ways to get Free Fire diamonds for free is always what fans of this survival shooter game look for. Knowing that, has compiled all the effective methods to help you get these valuable gems and buy things in Free Fire.

Player Free Fire It is completely possible to experience the game without diamonds. However, there’s no denying that Free Fire diamonds help you own items and access exclusive game content that can’t be unlocked in other ways. Therefore, no one can resist the attraction of diamonds, but not everyone can afford to buy diamonds with real money. If you are one of them, apply 7 ways to get Free Fire diamonds for free synthesizes the following to accumulate diamonds to buy in-game items.

Instructions to get Free Fire diamonds for free

7 ways to get Free Fire Diamonds for free

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is probably an indispensable name in any article sharing how to get free Free Fire diamonds. The name says a part about this application. Google Opinion Rewards requires users to complete short surveys to receive a bonus. They can then use the bonus to buy Free Fire diamonds. Google Opinion Rewards is a money-making survey application that is downloaded and used by a lot of people, not just Free Fire gamers.

Download Google Opinion Rewards for phones here:

– Load Google Opinion Rewards for Android
– Load Google Opinion Rewards for iPhone

2. Poll Pay

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Having the same function as Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay is GPT . application Popularity rewards users when they complete surveys and answer questions. After accumulating enough money, you can start buying Free Fire diamonds or top up other games. The app is highly rated and currently has millions of downloads from the Play Store.

Link to download the latest Poll Pay:

– Load Poll Pay for Android
– Load Poll Pay for iPhone

3. Gift giving event

Players can get Free Fire diamonds through Giveaways events. These are giveaway events organized by YouTubers that will reward the winner of an activity with a gift. Of course, gifts are not always diamonds.

4. Events in the Booyah app!

Booyah! is a dedicated game content sharing application developed by Garena. By participating in events and competitions that take place in Booyah!, players can win Free Fire diamonds for free.

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5. Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards, another GPT app like Poll Pay is also a great choice to earn Free Fire diamonds. By participating in surveys, quizzes, product reviews, etc., users will receive bonuses, which can be used to purchase Free Fire diamonds.

Download link Easy Rewards for Android Latest

6. Free Fire Advance Servers

Players can also get Free Fire diamonds for free by subscribing to the test server that Garena releases almost every 2 months. All players need to do is experience the game, report bugs and vulnerabilities to the developer in exchange for diamonds.

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7. GPT . Website

The last way to get free Free Fire diamonds that wants to share with you is GPT websites. Similar to the GPT application, here, you need to complete tasks such as answering questions, taking surveys, downloading applications to accumulate money exchange points and buy Free Fire diamonds.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to get Free Fire diamonds without cash and here are the 7 most effective ways. Although they only help you get free Free Fire diamonds in an indirect way, you will have to put some time and effort, but you will not face the risk of losing your account or being banned as when applying How to hack, cheat Free Fire diamond is being heavily advertised online.
Besides, you can also refer to more Free Fire codes to have the opportunity to receive diamond rewards given to players by NPH.

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