Summary of all the good tips on Paint

Summary of all the good tips on Paint

Combining all the good tricks on Paint will bring you great skills on the Paint image editing tools that we often think this is a tool that does not bring many useful features. Although it has been improved quite a lot through each version.

Paint is one of the most forgotten programs by Windows users. Often users see Paint as the last choice to use photo editing. Besides the basic image editing features such as image rotation, cropping, changing the font color, resizing images, the ability to save black and white images, Paint has many other features that Windows users have never known. .

In the article below Free Download will introduce and guide you some good tips with Paint.

Tips and tricks with Microsoft Paint

1. Invert Colors (reverse colors)

Many users are unaware that MS Paint allows the inversion of the color of an image, meaning that it is possible to convert the colors in an image from light to dark and vice versa from dark to light.

You can invert the entire image color or a selected area. If you want to invert the colors for the entire image, press the key combination Ctrl + Alt => right click and choose Invert Color . If you want to invert the color of an area, first select a specific area, then click Invert Color.

2. Transparent background

Images that have a transparent background can easily be combined with other images.

in all paints on paint 2

MS Paint allows you to cut and copy a selected area on an image with a transparent background. To cut or copy a selected area with a transparent background, click and choose Select =>Transparent Selection from the background. Choose next Free Form Selection and carefully mark the Outline of the priority area, cut or copy it to your liking.

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3. Delete Outline

Sometimes you want to adjust the color of an image on Paint but worry about turning it into a mess. With this tip you no longer have to worry about Outlines.

Open the image in Paint, then zoom to full size and copy to clipborad. Make sure you have selected a transparent background. Zoom the image again and split the image without having to worry about the Outline shape.

When done with Shading and other edits, paste or press the key combination Ctrl + V is done!

in all paints or paints 4

4. Resize the brush

In the process of using paint, you may need to use brushes of different sizes, but MS Paint does not have all the brush sizes you need. No need to worry too much, you can easily change the brush size to be bigger or smaller according to your needs. Select any brush you want and press the key combination Ctrl + plus sign “+” to increase the brush size larger and Ctrl + minus sign “-” to reduce the brush size.

5. Sketch an image on Paint

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Choose an image you want to sketch. From the palette, choose black and start the image sketching process. When the process is complete, press the key combination Ctrl + A and invert the colors. Click on the tab File , choose Properties from the menu.

All paints or paints 6

Check the box Black and White then click OK, got it . Press the key combination Ctrl + A and invert the colors again. Use the Eraser tool to clean small spots. So you have completed the process.

6. Create a custom Brush

Draw any random shapes from your custom brush. Select an image in the frame Shapes and make sure Transparent Selection is set to ON . Press and hold the key Shift and drag the image you have selected. And you will get a custom shape brush on MS Paint.

in all paints on paint 7

7. Use the Eraser as a Color Replacement Tool

Open the image you want to edit. Select the color you want to replace in palette 1 and choose the color you want to replace with another color in palette 2. Next select the tool ERASER, then hover over the image and hold the button at the same time right mouse click .

in all paints on paint 8

8. Create a gradient effect

Open Paint and choose the area size that suits your needs. Next cut the image diagonally and fill in 2 different colors.

in all paints or paints 9

Switches to the tab Resize and edit values Horizontal is 1. Make sure you uncheck the box Aspect Ratio . Next edit the Horizontal value to 500 or more times, and you are done.

in all paints on paint 10

The above are the best and most interesting Paint usage tips that not everyone knows. Once you are familiar with the tips for using this tool, then surely you will not need professional photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, simple colors anymore.
Besides summarizing all the good tips on Paint, the shortcuts on Paint will be a very useful knowledge to help you master the image editing tool that seems extremely simple and easy to use.


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