Summary of Camera viewer software on the computer

Summary of Camera viewer software on the computer

You already have a full camera system but don’t know how to use the camera viewer software on your computer, which software will work well for your home camera, the following article will suggest you see your most popular Gmail open applications.

There are many types of cameras on the market and to find these Camera view software on the computer It’s not easy for itself. There are some software that supports a lot of camera vendors, but some only support their own.

Today’s cameras are very popular, if you are a person reading news or articles on surely know that we can see traffic cameras online almost throughout the big city, in addition to viewing traffic cameras. each of us needs to have at least one of them to observe them, like to help manage the store better. It is for this reason that we really need a camera viewer software on the computer well.

Top view Camera software on the computer

1. CMS

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Download CMS to the computer here, download CMS.

CMS is a software that supports camera view through computers, allowing management of 1000 cameras for all camera systems to track details of activities in your area, with the requirement that your computer is connected. Internet. CMS installation and use is quite simple, the simple and smart security solution that you need.

The main features of CMS:

– Support live view feature.
– Supports PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) feature.
– Lets rewind one or more videos.
– Manage user accounts.
– Support panoramic viewer (panorama).
– Support event handling (video analysis).
– Support video popup, e-map, DIO / alert box.
– Provide statistics and scheduling charts.
– Support motion detection feature.
– Support the management feature of wall display and guest software on mobile

2. NACL Web Plug-in

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– Download NACL Web Plug-in to your computer here, download NACL Web Plug-in.

NACL Web Plug-in is not actually a software, it is like an add-on that works on Google Chrome to allow users to use the website to view the camera on their computer to work. Currently, there are many cameras that do not use the software but only operate through the available camera settings, resulting in a lack of plug-ins. With NACL Web Plug-in, you will be able to solve this problem.

3. Samsung SmartViewer.

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– Download Samsung SmartViewer here, download Smart Viewer.

Samsung SmartViewer is a Camera view software on computers, using this software you can access and view Samsung Wisenet cameras anytime, anywhere as long as your computer is connected to the internet. In addition, the application also helps you search and playback videos from previously connected and stored CCTV.

4. iVMS-4200

– Download iVMS-4200 to your computer here, download iVMS-4200.

The iVMS-4200 is a PC viewer software specifically for HIKVision Camera modems. Hikvision’s versatile and versatile video management software for CCTV is used for DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras, encoder / decoder, security device control, access control with unique features such as, watch videos online via real-time internet, record videos, store, search and review

5. Smart PSS 2017

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– Download Smart PSS 2017 to your computer here, download Smart PSS.

Smart PSS 2017 is a software to view the Camera on the computer exclusively for DaHua’s camera. Smart PSS 2017 is a professional camera monitoring software with the latest 2017 version that has many changes that allow users to easily install, review or backup data when necessary.

6. Camera YooSee

– Download Camera YooSee to your computer here, download YooSee’s camera.

YooSee Camera is a collection of applications, Camera view software on computers applied to many different camera models including other brands. Using Camera YooSee is the simplest way to connect the camera on a computer.

CMS Lite 32ch

7. CMS Lite 32ch

– Download CMS Lite 32ch to your computer here, download CMS Lite 32ch.

CMS Lite 32ch is a software viewer on AvTech’s computer, supporting AvTech camera that can be viewed on computers easily with many functions, channel modes and support for simple backup and recovery when needed.

8. Camera Vantech

– Download Vantech Camera to your computer here, download Camera Vantech.

Camera Vantech is a collection of software to view cameras on your computer dedicated to Vantech including many different generations, each software will accept models designed specifically, but all are easy to use and install. .

9. RealShot Manager Lite

– Download RSM Lite to your computer here, download RealShot Manager Lite.

RealShot Manager Lite is software used for sony cameras, including all types of Sony cameras on computers being sold today. Users using RealShot Manager Lite manage and install easily with multiple modes.

10. Vast

– Download Vast to your computer here, download Vast.

Vast is a computer viewer software for Vitotek cameras, previously the software called ST7510 has stopped supporting and all current or previous models are replaced by Vast with many outstanding features. , easier connection.

11. CMS Abell

– Download CMS Abell to the computer here, download CMS Abell.

CMS Abell is software for Abell’s camera to help users connect cameras in the system. Install and edit multiple tracking modes as well as allow users to extract at any time, automatically back up and delete unnecessary recordings.


– Download KBiVMS 12 to your computer here, download KBVISION.

KBiVMS 12 is the latest PC version of KBVision software, applied exclusively to the models currently sold by KBVision, The advantage of the software is easy connection and management, many custom modes as well as support. Support for many screen types. KBiVMS 12 allows users to shoot with multiple modes as long as the camera supports it.

Above is a summary of the Camera view software on the computer, the most popular software today and used for different camera brands. It depends on your camera.
And you, if you are looking to install a camera, why not try to learn the types of WiFi IP Camera instead of the types that must be used as now, refer to the WiFi IP camera Best in the article below.


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