Summary of common computer keyboard errors

Summary of common computer keyboard errors

The keyboard is an important link between computer users and monitors. If the keyboard stops working, or encounters serious errors, it can cause a lot of inconvenience. However, that does not mean you need to replace the keyboard, here are some common computer keyboard errors and how to fix them.

Summary of common computer keyboard errors.

Table of Contents:
1. Error not able to connect a number of characters.
2. The keys are sticky.
3. Failed to type numbers on the keyboard.
4. Type the word but the number appears.
5. Disturbed keys.
6. Jump the cursor.
7. Text disappears mysteriously.
8. Keyboard not working.

1. Error not able to connect a number of characters

Sometimes, your computer keyboard may encounter an error that you cannot type certain characters. Most likely a small debris was stuck at the bottom. At this point, you can fix the problem by using a cleaning tool and blowing keys.

2. The keys are sticky

The keyboard can be one of the dirtiest parts of a computer, especially if you tend to snack and type. If you find it sticky or dirty, you can clean it yourself or take it to the store for intensive cleaning.

3. Failed to type numbers on the keyboard

There is a “numeric lock” button near your keyboard that allows turning on and off the keyboard. Sometimes, you may press the wrong button so you cannot type the number as usual.

4. Type the word but the number appears

Tong hop loi tinh thuong gap

In some cases, users may feel a bit intimidating when they want to type but the result is in numbers. This error occurs because you accidentally turn on the “numlock” button, so the easiest way is to turn it off. You only need to press the FN and NUMLOCK key combination at the same time.

5. Disturbed keys

If you are editing a document and are surprised to find that your word text suddenly appears with words, you may have accidentally pressed the “Insert” button. However, if the disarray occurs more seriously, you can consider replacing the new keyboard.

6. Jump the cursor

This is one of the most annoying errors with the keyboard, which seems to be related to using a laptop running Vista or Windows XP. One possible solution is to adjust your touchpad settings. Besides, you can “Disable extraction” while entering text. To find this option with XP, go to:
+ Control Panel
+ Mouse
+ Advanced
+ Install advanced features
+ Exploiting and installing features
+ Install exploit
+ Disable extraction

If the keyboard still doesn’t work properly, you can try installing Touchfreeze – a utility developed to disable your touchpad while typing text.

7. Text disappears mysteriously

If you accidentally select a whole paragraph, then enter any characters, the entire paragraph may disappear. This can happen immediately, often even if you don’t notice it. If you find that many of your texts have disappeared, try selecting the “undo” function multiple times to see if the text reappears.

8. Keyboard not working

This is not a common problem, but when it happens, some or all of the keys stop working or certain keyboard features like the backlight stop working. This can happen due to low battery, so it is best to try plugging in the computer battery charger.

Another cause may be related to the keyboard being wet. You just need to use a dryer or fan to dry the keyboard, then try using it again. Also except for the possibility of a computer driver error, please refer to the way fix computer not recognize keyboard, try the mouse.
After trying all the ways to fix common keyboard errors that do not work, you should take your computer to a professional repair shop or center.


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