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On Android devices, there’s a built-in feature called Ok Google, which you can use to start searches or perform voice commands. However, some users share when using Ok Google they often encounter some errors, the article below will summarize the common Ok Google errors and show you how to fix them.

Ok Google error is one of the errors that users encounter most often. There are many causes of Ok Google errors not working on Android devices. Read on to read the article summarizing Ok Google error or common below of to learn how to fix errors.

Before starting, if you do not know how to use OK Google, readers can refer to the article use OK Google on Android phones on Please.

Table of Contents:
1. Error Ok Google does not work
1.1. Method 1: Set up the correct voice command
1.2. Method 2: Clear the Google app cache
1.3. Method 3: Reinstall the Google application
1.4. Method 4: Check the language settings
1.5. Method 5: Check microphones on Android phones

1. Error Ok Google does not work

Here are a few ways and solutions to fix Ok Google not working on Android devices:

1.1 Method 1: Set up voice commands correctly

The main cause of the error Ok Google does not work because users do not spend time to set up voice commands correctly. If Ok Ok voice training is not correct, Google Assistant may not recognize your voice.

To fix Ok Google does not work, the solution is to train, reset the correct voice commands.

To do this, first open Google Assistant, then click the icon in the top right corner as shown below.

Next, click menu 3 dots, select Settings. Here in tabAssistant, Scroll down to find Assistant devices menu and click on your device.

Tong hop ok google or gap 2

All you need to do now is click Voice Model=> Retrain voice model and follow the steps to retrain voice commands for Google Assistant.

hopefully ok google or gap 3

1.2 Method 2: Clear the Google app cache

If the above method is not available, try clearing the Google app cache to refresh the app and checking that Ok Google is working. To do this, open the application Settings (install) on your Android device, access Apps (application) => Google.

hopefully ok google or gap 4

Next click Storage (archive) and click Clear Cache button (clear cache) to clear the cache memory.

Tong hop ok google or gap 5

1.3 Method 3: Reinstall the Google application

If the cache removal solution doesn’t work, the next solution you can try is to uninstall the application, then reinstall it.

The uninstall process is quite simple, follow the steps below to uninstall Google apps:

First open the Play Store (Google store) and search for Google. Click on results in the search list, then click Uninstall button (uninstall). Next reboot your Android device, then reopen the Google Play Store, find the Google app and click Install (install) to install the application on your device.

Tong hop ok google or gap 6

1.4 Method 4: Check the language settings

Sometimes the reason the Ok Google command doesn’t work on your Android device might be because you made the wrong language settings. To check it again, open the Google app, then click on it More => Settings => Voice => Languages and make sure you have chosen the right country and region language.

Tong hop ok google or gap 7

1.5 Method 5: Check the microphone on Android phones

Because Ok Google depends on the microphone on the phone, so the solution to fix Ok Google is not working is to check whether the microphone on the Android phone is working and if it has an error. To test the mic, simply open any recording app on your Android phone and start recording your voice. If there is no sound, that means the mic is broken, the solution is to bring it to a reputable phone repair and service center for assistance.
So in the article Okim error summary common here, has just taught you some ways to fix Ok Google not working. In addition, if you are experiencing any other Ok Google errors and do not know how to fix them, readers can share the error with in the comment section below the article.


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