Summary of common Touchpad errors and how to fix them

Summary of common Touchpad errors and how to fix them

For laptop users, Touchpad errors are always a headache, extremely annoying and often overcome by buying and installing new mice, but you can also calmly read the article Summary of Touchpad errors See below for a quick and cost-effective way to fix it.

The control software Touchpad on laptop is not a stable software, they often encounter unintended errors during use and sometimes users will turn off the Touchpad or with inexperienced people feel confused when encountering errors such as Touchpad. stiff, not working on, especially status Touchpad was frozen very often with some older lap series.

Summary of common Touchpad errors and how to fix them

To avoid unwanted Touchpad errors and to be able to identify more errors while using a laptop, you can turn off Touchpad as well as readers please pay attention to the issues we mention, but now we start to synthesize Touchpad error Common and how to fix them.

Summary of errors and how to fix Touchpad errors on laptops

1. Touchpad cannot be used

Touchpad is unusable for some laptops that are too old or occur during the Windows 10 update process, simply because the Touchpad software is not adaptable to the operating system, resulting in Touchpad errors. If you encounter the above situation, please follow the instructions below to fix the error The touchpad cannot be used Please

Method 1. Update the software for Touchpad
Step 1: First press the key combination Windows + X and choose Device Manager, this is the control of input and output device drivers, helping you to fix faulty touch mice.

disable touchpad or gap and repair 2

Step 2: In Device Manager Select the mouse driver and then click Touchpad Search selected Update Driver.

disable touchpad or gap and repair 3

Step 3: Then choose Search automatically for updated driver software let the system detect and download update driver for you (if any).

disable touchpad or gap and repair 4

In addition, you should also visit the home page of the laptop to find the model to download the correct driver or use the software to automatically detect the driver Driver Easy or Driver Booster.

Method 2. Reduce Touchpad sensitivity
Touchpad sensitivity is a mode that allows you to increase the time it takes to get back the Touchpad when you are traveling to type the key, this is to minimize the problem of handwriting or tapping on the Touchpad when typing text. So try to touch Touchpad sensitivity delay Touchpad at the lowest level to see if it fixes the faulty touch mouse.
Step 1: On Start menu up and type search touchpad settings, then select the search results.

disable touchpad or gap and repair 5

Step 2: In section Touchpad You just need to change Touchpad sensitivity.

disable touchpad or gap and repair 6

You can to Medium sensivity or low sensivity it’s up to you.

disable touchpad or gap and repair 7

Then restart the computer and try again to see if the Touchpad error recurs or not

2. Touchpad does not scoll upside down
Laptoppad touch scroll error scrolling up and down is one of the most common errors when users use the touchpad on a laptop, this error is mainly due to the touchpad installer of the user accidentally causing the above error. can fix Touchpad you have to confirm which Touchpad it is first and then we can solve the problem.

Thankfully, also has an article on the issue of Touchpad scroll error being reversed and readers should immediately consult our instructions. With correction instructions Touchpad scroll error is reversed will quickly get you out of the situation.

3. Touchpad mouse hovering error
You have turned off the Touchpad but do not understand the knife when typing and touching is still moving around, this is actually because the Touchpad cannot be turned off and this will cause a lot of discomfort when you type. This situation often happens on newer laptops and the brands do not seem to care much about this problem. What you need to do is find a way to turn it off and this is also one of the errors we have previously instructed when a reader asked about the laptop mouse touch disorder, if you fall into the situation above. Why not consult immediately how to fix the error The touch mouse is disordered to know how to fix this problem.

4. Can’t turn off Touchpad

disable touchpad or gap and repair 8

This is not entirely due to the Touchpad error, but simply because you have turned off the Touchpad for laptops improperly, it could also be due to the appearance of the laptop and other parameters. Before you proceed to fix errors, please refer to the ways that mentioned above

Why don’t you refer to how to turn off the laptop keyboard mouse to see if it is really due to the Touchpad error or simply because you used it improperly. Anyway when reading the article how to guide turn off keyboard mouse Our laptop you will be updated quite a lot of useful knowledge about the laptop there.

5. The touchpad does not turn off when the mouse is plugged in

disable touchpad or gap and repair 9

This is one of the modes that are integrated into the Touchpad in case you use the mouse and the Touchpad automatically switches off immediately. However, not all laptops have automatic mode when integrated Touchpad and we have to turn them off. Depending on the line break, each type but how to turn off may be different, so to help readers handle the Touchpad error on, the tip to automatically turn off Touchpad when connecting the mouse of will be a useful article for you. Readers can refer to tips Automatically turn off Touchpad when connecting a mouse right here.
Above are 5 common problems when using Touchpad, causing Touchpad errors most often. In addition to relying on the Touchpad of the manufacturers, you should also use external software to disable Touchpad, not only turn off but the Touchpad off software This will also help you more in optimal usage.


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