Summary of errors on UC Browser and how to fix it

UC Browser is a fast and secure web browser for computers and mobile devices, but there are also many errors during use. In the following article, will summarize some common UC Browser errors.

Browser UC Browser It can be said that the brother of Google Chrome, or Coc Coc because they share the same open source, starting from Chromium development but saying that does not mean that UC Browser does not have any outstanding features. Launched after Chrome and Coc Coc browsers, UC Browser is packed with many outstanding features, such as the ability to create wifi hotspots on your computer with UC Browser, one of the capabilities that no browser has There are now, if not a computer savvy then way Create wifi hotspot with UC Browser is a great solution that you can easily do.

It is also because UC Browser possesses many unique features that sometimes cause problems when using, which makes users feel uncomfortable. To compensate for these shortcomings, the publisher has also continuously updated new sessions, but that is still not enough. If you encounter any of the following UC Browser errors, please follow our guide to fix them UC Browser error Please.

UC Browser errors and how to fix them

1. UC Browser error has been crashed

Sometimes when using unexpectedly, you will receive a notification of crash and have to reopen the web browser to use it, this case is very unstable because sometimes you use all day but it is sometimes linked. profane. Through research, we discovered that the main crash phenomenon occurs when users see it Some videos require flash, and this is caused by a flash error and to end the above situation, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, open UC Browser and type in the browser bar ucbrowser: // plugins Please.

Install errors in browser and other methods 2

After the item Plugins appears, you just do it Disable Adobe Flash Player go is okay.

Step 2: Wait until the system shuts down Adobe Flash Player, The status will be dark, then restart the browser UC Browser and try to see if the error UC Browser has been processed.

Install errors in browser and other methods 3

Also, if using chrome Crash error, you refer to the way fix crash Chrome here

2. UC Browser error cannot access the website.

If your network is still functioning properly but you are unable to access any websites it may be due You are using Proxy or accidentally set up without knowing it, the following guide will show you how to choose the way you handle the situation.

Step 1: First go to the icon Menu of UC Browser then select Settings – main browser settings

Install errors in browser and other methods 4

Step 2: Next, you scroll down to look Menu have word Other and click on it and select Change Proxy Settings .

Install errors in browser and other methods 5

Step 3: In Internet Properties you choose to continue Lan Settings .

Install errors in browser and other ways 6

Step 4: Section Local Area Network , please pay attention to tick Automactically detect settings and remove the Proxy server at the line Use a Proxy server for your Lan Please.

Install errors in browser and other methods 7

Finally confirm OK, got it and immediately try to visit the website again to see if there is a problem.

If using Coc Coc and unable to access the internet, you can follow the instructions on Taimienphi to fix Coc Coc error not accessing the internet, helping the Coc Coc not being able to access the network will not happen again.

3. Fix Page not found – DNS Lookip failed

Install errors in browser and other methods 8

You encounter a Page not found – DNS Lookip failed error while using UC Browser, most likely your network is having connection problems. In this case, please try to check the network connector, wifi or external means of connection. In addition, it may also be due to your DNS problem, if you do not know exactly what DNS is wrong, it is best to reset the DNS for the computer.

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R then type “cmd “to access the Command Prompt.

Install errors in browser and other methods 9

Step 2: In Command Prompt You type the command ipconfig / flushdns to proceed to perform a reset for DNS.

Install errors in browser and other methods 10

After the Windows IP Configuration message appears, the reset is complete, now try to log into the network again to check if it is ok.

4. Vietnamese typing error on UC Browser.

You will feel very uncomfortable every time you type Vietnamese on UC Browser because it is always displayed with wrong words due to the autofill mode of UC Browser , to remedy the situation above, remove all results saved on this browser. This is also a UC Browser error that many users have questioned recently.

Install errors in browser and other methods 11

Step 1: First click UC Browser menu and access History Please.

Install errors in browser and other methods 12

Step 2: In section History you choose Clear browsing data to proceed to tampering with your browsing history.

Install errors in the browser and other methods 13

Step 3: Then select the parameters like the image below, the time is the beginning of time and click clear browsing data to delete.

Install errors in the browser and other methods 14

Step 4: Then continue outside the browser, click the arrow icon and make a selection Delete all records .

Install errors in browser and other methods 15

The system will then confirm once more whether or not you want to delete, press Delete to proceed with deletion.

Install errors in browser and other methods 16

Step 5: Now try to type again to see if the status is the same as before.

Install errors in the browser and other methods 17

So, the error of UC Browser when typing Vietnamese has been completed already.

Similarly, if you use Chrome, you encounter errors when typing Vietnamese, how to fix Vietnamese errors on Chrome that Taimienphi has introduced will help you overcome the situation of Vietnamese errors on Chrome as quickly as possible.

Above we have listed the 4 basic errors that many users make most, in the future, remember to follow the error messages of UC Browser of to know more about the errors that occur in the past. Please use this browser.
For new users, it is important to understand the shortcuts, especially for browsers with many features such as UC Browser, so if you want to use more fluently, please refer to the article on, which has mention UC Browser shortcut Please.


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