Summary of errors Pokemon Go often encountered when playing

Summary of errors Pokemon Go often encountered when playing

Newcomers to Pokemon Go often encounter these errors, but do not know how to handle them. Let’s go with to solve common mistakes when playing Pokemon Go.

Join Pokemon Go, players will experience catching Pokemon immediately in real life. Not only that, this game also allows upgrading and evolution of Pokemon species as in the original. But before knowing how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go, the player needs to know some common Pokemon Go errors. Fix common Pokemon Go errors when playing, you will experience this game better.

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Summary of errors Pokemon Go often encountered when playing

1) Pokemon Go bugs cannot be played

Currently Pokemon Go best support on two operating systems are Android and iOS. However, the minimum phone configuration must meet the following:

For Android devices:

The device configuration is not strong enough:

Run Android 4.4> Android 6.0.1

Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)

Support GPS service

For iOS devices:

Support from iPhone 5> iPhone 6S

Run iOS 8 and above

Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)

Support GPS service

Do NOT support jailbroken devices

Pokemon Go error because your device does not meet the requirements

2. Pokemon Go error cannot be moved.

In fact this is not a fault of the game, just that you do not understand this game only. Pokemon Go forces players to move on the real map, using the location feature to catch the Pokemon. So if you want to catch Pokemon and receive items, be hard to move offline.

loi pokemon go

Pokemon Go error makes you unable to move

3. Error Pokemon Go can not throw PokeBall.

Wanting to throw PokeBall requires players to practice their skills to achieve the ability to “pressing urgent”. Use your finger to swipe the PokeBall ball towards the Pokemon to throw it. Depending on the distance of Pokemon that you have to force strong or light to throw PokeBall.

loi pokemon go

The Pokemon Go bug is causing you to fail to throw the ball

4. “Out” game when playing.

This error is rarely encountered, but for low-profile smartphones, if you run too many applications to consume a lot of RAM, it will lead to this phenomenon.

Above are the basic errors, the most common in Pokemon Go for user reference.

Currently, the game Pokemon Go has also been released for more than 2 months, gamers no longer have to learn how to play Pokemon Go. Instead of learning how to play Pokemon Go, gamers must learn how to play well to catch Pokemon, own the strongest Pokemon, focus on hunting, as well as how to catch the strongest Pokemon will help you “hegemony” the real game This virtual reality. And do not forget to refer to the tips for playing Pokemon Go, if you learn about tips for playing Pokemon Go including receiving Pokestops gifts, will help you become a Pro in a very short time.
You should also note that playing Pokemon Go on a phone for a long time will be very draining, causing heat so that instead of playing Pokemon Go on the phone, we can play Pokemon Go on pc, playing Pokemon Go on pc is also very convenient Because it is fully supported.


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