Summary of Excel keyboard shortcuts, all versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016, 2013, 2019

Excel keyboard shortcuts with versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016, 2013 will help you perform tasks on Excel faster and easier. However, you need to know and remember these Excel shortcuts first.

For professionals, using keyboard shortcuts is an art, you are an accountant or someone who often has to work with Excel. Using excel keyboard shortcuts is the most meaningful job And this is best done because it saves a lot of time for you, but you need to remember well to work best in Excel.

Summary of Excel keyboard shortcuts, all versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016, 2013

Using the keyboard shortcut excel will help you save a lot of time sitting tinkering, searching for its functions. The following article will help you know a little more about shortcut key combinations in Excel.

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Keyboard combinations in Excel 2016, 2007, 2003, 2013, 2010

1. The most commonly used Excel keyboard shortcut
2. Excel shortcut key combination when working with selected data
3. Excel keyboard shortcut combination for navigation in spreadsheets
4. Excel shortcut key combination for inserting and editing data
5. Excel shortcut key format data

1. Some of the most commonly used Excel keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003

Ctrl + Z: Back to the previous step.
Ctrl + Y: Skip to the last step.
Ctrl + C: Copy the content of in Excel.
Ctrl + X: Copy and delete the contents of the selected cell.
Ctrl + V: Paste the copied data into Excel cell
F2: Edit the cell that is placing the mouse cursor
Alt + Enter: Newline in same cell.
Enter: Down the line
Shift + Enter key: Move to the box above.
Tab / Shift + Tab: Moved on
Esc: Cancel editing in a cell.
Backspace: Delete the character to the left of the text cursor, or delete all data in the selected cell or spreadsheet
Delete key: Delete the character to the right of the text cursor, or delete all data in the selected cell or spreadsheet
Ctrl + Delete: Delete the text to the end of the line.
Ctrl + Shift + : (colon): Insert the current time
Alt + H, A, R: Align data to right cell.
Alt + H, A, C: Align data out between cells.
Alt + H, A, I: Align data to left of cell
Ctrl + PageDown: Switch to the left sheet
Ctrl + PagrUp key: Switch to the right sheet
Ctrl + W: Close the excel spreadsheet
Ctrl + O: Open new excel spreadsheet
Ctrl + S: Save excel spreadsheet.

In addition to Excel these common shortcuts often appear on many other software so you should try to remember these shortcuts, it will be very helpful to you.

Tips To remember the best Excel keyboard shortcuts

– You need to limit the use of the mouse and try to use the keyboard as much as possible, this job at first unfamiliar may be a bit slow, but later will help you accelerate operations because you have remembered and used familiar keyboard shortcuts .

– In addition to using shortcut keys very quickly, you need to practice typing 10 fingers, not only practice typing the letter keys, practice typing more function keys, without looking at the keyboard.

– If you use a laptop, use a separate keyboard, large area, easy to type bounce.

2. Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 keyboard shortcuts when working with selected data:

+, Keyboard shortcut for selecting cells in Excel

Shift + Space (Spacebar): Select all data in a row.
Ctrl + Space (Spacebar): Select all data in columns.
Ctrl + Shift + * (asterisk): Select the entire area around active cells.
Ctrl + A key (clickable Ctrl + Shift + spacebar): Select the whole excel spreadsheet
Ctrl + Shift + Page Up: Select current and previous sheet in the same Excel file.
Shift + arrow keys: Select more cells in the spreadsheet
Shift + Page Down / Shift + Page Up: Select multiple cells to the bottom of the screen / to the top of the screen.
Shift + Home key: Select multiple first cells of the row.
Ctrl + Shift + Home key: Select on the first sheet.
Ctrl + Shift + End key: Select to the last cell used on the spreadsheet

+, Excel shortcut keys to manage in selected areas:

F8: Enable extended area selection. After pressing F6, you use the arrow keys
Shift + F8 key: Add a range of cells to select. Use the arrow keys and Shift + arrow keys to add to the selection.
Enter / Shift + Enter: Move current cell down, up
Tab / Shift + Tab: Moves the current cell selection right, left
Esc key: Cancel the currently selected area.

+, Edit Excel shortcut keys inside cells:

Shift + left arrow / Shift + right arrow: Select or deselect a character on the left and right.
Ctrl + Shift + left arrow / Ctrl + Shift + right arrow: Select or deselect one word to the left, to the right.
Shift + Home / Shift + End: Select from the text cursor to the beginning and to the end of the cell.

3. Shortcuts Excel 2016, 2007, 2010, 2013,2003 navigate in a spreadsheet:

Arrow Keys: Move up, down, left, or right in a worksheet.
Page Down / Page Up: Move to the end of the worksheet / to the top of the worksheet.
Alt + Page Down / Alt + Page Up: Move the screen right / left in a spreadsheet.
Tab / Shift + Tab: Move one cell to the right / to the left in a worksheet.
Home: Move to the beginning of a row in a worksheet.
Ctrl + Home: Move to the first cell of a worksheet.
Ctrl + End key: Move to the last cell containing content on a worksheet.
Ctrl + F: Display the Find and Replace dialog box (with Find menu open).
Ctrl + H: Display the Find and Replace dialog box.
Shift + F4: Repeat the previous search.
Ctrl + G (or F5): Display the ‘Go to’ dialog box.
Ctrl + left arrow / Ctrl + Right arrow: Inside a cell: Move to the cell to the left or to the right of that cell.
Alt + down arrow: Display the AutoComplete list.

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4. Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2016, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2003 insert and edit data:

+, Keyboard shortcuts in Excel for editing active or selected cells:

Ctrl + D: Copy cell content above.
Ctrl + R: Copy cell content to the left.
Ctrl + “: Copy the cell contents above and in the editing state.
Ctrl + ‘: Copy the formula of the cell above and in the editing state.
Ctrl + -: Display the delete cell / row / column menu.
Ctrl + Shift + +: Display the menu for inserting cells / rows / columns.
Shift + F2: Insert / Edit a comment box.
Shift + F10, then M: Delete the comment.
Alt + F1: Create and insert charts with data in the current range.
F11: Create, insert charts with data in the current range in a separate chart sheet.
Ctrl + K: Insert a link.
Enter (in a cell containing a link): Open the link in your computer’s default browser

+, Keyboard shortcuts in Excel Hide and Show elements:

Ctrl + 9: Hide selected rows in excel.
Ctrl + Shift + 9: Display the hidden row in the selection that contains it.
Ctrl + 0 (number 0): Hide selected columns in excel
Ctrl + Shift + 0 (number 0): Show hidden columns in selection.
Note: In Excel 2010 has no effect, to show the newly hidden column, press: Ctrl + Z.
Alt + Shift + Right arrow: Group rows or columns.
Alt + Shift + left arrow: Ungroup rows or columns.

5. Excel 2016, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2003 keyboard shortcuts related to data format:

+, Excel key formats cells:

Ctrl + 1: Display the Format dialog box.
Ctrl + B (or Ctrl + 2): Apply or cancel bold formatting.
Ctrl + I (or Ctrl + 3): Apply or cancel italic format.
Ctrl + U (or Ctrl + 4): Apply or cancel an underline.
Ctrl + 5: Apply or cancel dash format.
Alt + ‘(apostrophe) : Display the Style dialog box.

+, Excel keyboard shortcuts for number format:

Ctrl + Shift + $: Apply currency format with two decimal places.
Ctrl + Shift + ~: Apply the General number format.
Ctrl + Shift + #: Apply date format by style: day, month and year.
Ctrl + Shift + @ : Apply time format with hours, minutes and indicate AM or PM.
Ctrl + Shift + ^ key: Apply scientific number format with two decimal places.
F4: Repeat selection of final format.

+, Excel keyboard shortcuts use formulas:

=> Start a formula.
Shift + F3: Display the Insert Function dialog box.
Ctrl + A: Displays the input method after entering the name of the formula.
Ctrl + Shift + A: Insert arguments in the formula after entering the name of the formula.
Shift + F3: Insert a function into a formula.
Ctrl + Shift + Enter key: Entering a formula is an array formula.
F9: Calculate all worksheets in all worksheets.
Shift + F9: Calculation of active worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + U: Switch the mode to expand or collapse the formula bar.
Ctrl + ‘: Switch the formula display mode in a cell instead of a value.

Above are some basic shortcuts commonly used in Excel. In addition, you can refer to many shortcuts in word that help manipulate the implementation of Word documents faster
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