Summary of locations where PUBG Glider appears

Summary of locations where PUBG Glider appears

In the latest update of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or PUBG has the appearance of a yellow roller coaster, now you can fly to the sky and glide over your enemies by going to the locations, locations PUBG glider appears by Taimienphi summarized below.

If you are trying to drive the latest vehicles in the sky of PUBG but you do not know where to find them. To answer your questions, we’ve compiled a few locations that appear Glider PUBG, a new and extremely attractive vehicle from the sky to the bottom, updated in version 6.1.

New PUBG Glider transport

Summary of locations where PUBG roller coaster appears

According to the latest announcement from PUBG Corp, developers have significantly reduced the rate of PUBG roller coaster appearances on both Erangel and Miramar maps. Initially PUBG roller coaster sure 100% will appear in 10 default locations, but to make the game more attractive, PUBG Corp has changed from 10 to 40 locations with the chance of appearing only 25% at each location. And here are the locations where PUBG roller coasters are listed until now.

appear in the pubg 2 spot

Locations of PUBG glider at Erangel map

In general, publically appear in pubg 3

Locations of PUBG roller coaster appear on Miramar map

How to use the PUBG roller coaster you need to know

Glider PUBG also known as name Motor Glider, is an aerial vehicle with up to two seats, one for the operator and the other for the other player. The rear seat can use all the offensive weapons included in PUBG, attacking from the air to the ground or in the sky.

all appearances are always in pubg 4

After reaching the location of the PUBG Glider, you need to drive a glider on the ground at a speed of 70 km / h and soar with the S key. The amount of fuel consumed by the Glider depends on your speed control. how glider level, fast or slow. You use the familiar keyboard shortcuts to control PUBG gliding, the list of keys is as follows:
– W key: Go Up
– S key: Go Down.
– Key A: Fly to the left.
– D key: Fly to the right.
– Left Shift key: Increase speed.
– Left Ctrl key: Reduce speed.
– Space key: Brake.

Above is the entire location of the PUBG Glider appearance that players need to know if they want to try the feeling of flying in the air. There are also some other changes in PUBG 6.1 update like adding Karakin map, new Battle Pass mission system … and much more.

In addition to the PC version, you can download PUBG Mobile to play on his phone.
– Download PUBG Mobile for Android.
– Download PUBG Mobile for iPhone.


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