Summary of printer errors and how to fix them

Summary of printer errors and how to fix them

In the process of using the printer, we will encounter many big and small errors, each of which makes us feel uncomfortable, sometimes if encountering a big error, it still costs money to bring it to the repair shop, So, the error when using the printer and how to fix it, please follow the content in the article.

Using printers in the office today is a common job that everyone needs to manipulate. With many models and brands of different printers will be quite a big obstacle if the good day the “bad” printers affect your work. Knowing a few tricks and how to handle each time the printer fails, will give you a different look from your colleagues and not have to wait for the technicians to handle it. Therefore, the following article Taimienphi will guide you a few printer error and reason and how to fix it. Stay tuned.

Summary of printer errors and how to fix them

1. Printer error does not work

Printer error does not work is one of the common errors that confuse users due to lack of handling skills. There are 3 main reasons for this Printer error does not work that is, the user forgot to power the printer, damaged the data connection cable, or forgot to close the printer cover. For this reason, you need to check whether the two power plugs of the printer and the power outlet are connected, it is best to try a different power cord. Then you see if the machine has started and the Power button is on. If everything is fine then we continue to check to the printer data connection wire to the computer. If the cable breaks, you need to replace it immediately. In case the machine does not work due to forget to close the printer cover. So, after changing ink, cleaning, removing jammed paper … you need to pay attention to close the lid and close the machine for joints. In addition, for office printers, the printer may not work if the user does not turn on the host computer. Therefore, if the machine does not print you should also pay attention to this factor.

2. Printer error does not print

The printer does not print is the same as the printer error does not work. Therefore, you need to check the computer connection wire with the printer via USB cable to see if this is the cause Printer error failed not okay. If the USB cord is plugged in and the device still does not work, the cord may be defective and a new one should be replaced. Installing multiple printers leads to printing, but choosing the wrong printer is also a common cause, so check the printer in the Printer section of the print interface to see if you have set the correct job to print. not yet.

3. Printer error freezes

Printer error may be caused by too many print jobs that caused the printer to not load in time, resulting in the printer hanging, to fix the error The printer hangs, you do the following:

– Log in to the Printer section on the computer. At this point, a list of the files that are about to be printed will appear
– Click on each file and right click to select Cancel to delete some print jobs or press Cancel all documents to delete all.
– Restarting the printer, the device will work normally again.

Print folder and how to repair 2

Also, the printer may hang if the data set to be printed is too large.

4. Error canceling the document being printed

Order printing many pages of documents but suddenly want to cancel for some reason, what should I do? To solve this problem, go to Start >Run, type the command cmd. At the Command Prompt window type the following two lines Net stop spooler and press Enter to stop the print service. Finally type continue NetStart spooler to reactivate the print service.

printing and printing equipment 3

5. Error in fuzzy print, text is not sharp and not bold

Error printing fuzzy, unprinted and non-bold text is very common with all laser printers and any model can encounter this situation not only once but also can be repeated if not completely overcome. to the problem and faded print error often due to many causes. The following are the main causes of print defects.

– Dirty reflector (also known as optical box): Due to dirt, steam, obstructions, ink spill, rodents make nest … blur the optical box. Just remove it and wipe it off with a soft cloth.
– Quality ink: Using cheap ink of unknown origin is not only economical but also very harmful to the printer. Choose a reputable at-home printer refill unit you won’t have to worry about. Do not go to cheap greedy services because of cheap advertising and online advertising that money brings disability.
– Wipe: The life of the wiper is usually about 6-8 months if the number of prints is high, the wiper will lose elasticity and must be replaced.
– Magnetic shaft cover: Similar to magnetic stripping, but the service life of magnetic axes is usually about 1 year. When worn, the phenomenon of non-dull print will appear, overcome by replacement.
– Select ink saving mode: Some printer models have ink saving mode (Economy), if you choose this mode, the printer will print lighter than usual, you just need to uncheck Economy (or Economode) to bold and sharp. But this is the least common cause, because the printer when shipped is in the default state. If you do not refine then no need to care about this cause.

6. Error in print is blurred, blurry lines

Error prints blurry, blurry lines formed from many different errors and errors The print is blurred easily detected and common, especially on older printers.

Print folder and how to repair 4


– The paper is wet, too thin
– A damaged drying batch causes heat to be produced not hot enough to dry the printout, so that the ink remains “alive”
– Pouring ink incorrectly
– The drum is too worn out


– Replace printing paper using the best quality paper with a weight of 70 or more
– Replace the drying batch
– Refill the appropriate ink
– Replace the new print drum

7. The whole white print after printing

A print error that is completely blank after printing can only be caused by a magnetic axis error. To fix the error Print is completely blank, you need to remove the cartridge and check the spring section of the magnetic shaft, maybe the spring at the top of the magnetic shaft is broken half, deflection rotation, deformation … If detecting deviation, distortion, then bend the furnace again. springs, while broken, can not be welded but have to replace the new magnetic shaft.

8. A print error has small dots or dark streaks across the printout

The error of printing with small dots or large dark streaks across a printed copy is quite common and the main cause of this phenomenon is due to long-lasting use of the drum (mainly due to the falling of the paper staple into the printer, which causes the printer to tear. and scratching on the drum drum) or broken rubber shaft, when cleaning the components, do not clean them. The best solution is to replace the printing drum or rubber roller.

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9. The print error has a black line running vertically, down from the top

The error of printing with a black line running from top to bottom can be caused by two main reasons that are caused by squeezing concentrated ink, you need to clean it clean. In addition, it may be due to scratch, chipping, and the solution for you is to replace it if it is too old.

10. Error when printing irregular positions, creating space between

Many users mistakenly believe that the printing of irregular locations is caused by ink run-out, but the fact is that the printer is broken, resulting in bold, light uneven print position, even unable to print, and how to overcome it. Error printing irregular positions It is also quite simple that a new drum is replaced.

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11. Error of black print 1 streaks of ink from the top down is located to the left or right of the print.

This error is mainly due to the waste toner container being full and overflowing with prints. The fix is ​​to remove the toner cartridge and empty it.

12. Error printing the wrong color

Error printing color master cause mainly due to nozzles blocked due to long time no use, how to fix wrong color print error for you now is to run Clean mode in the Maintenance section until it meets the requirements. If running much but not yet, must remove the nozzle to clean.

13. Error not pulling the paper


– The paper separator, also known as the peach, wears out for too long
– The surface of the paper is too slippery, so the roll cannot get it


– Remove the peach and then move the rubber sheet on the surface or replace the new one.
– Try changing a different type of paper for the printer.

14. Error pulling multiple sheets of paper at the same time

Printer error that pulls multiple sheets of paper at the same time often occurs with printers that have been used for a long time or printers that have been left unused for a long time, gears dry due to lack of grease, causing the mechanical system to pull the paper more slowly than the average. Usually (because the ice unit does not separate the paper from the paper batch), it causes many sheets to be pulled at the same time and can cause paper jams. There are 3 causes of printer pulling multiple sheets of paper at a time

– The paper is wet
– The printer is rusted due to long periods of non-use.
– Because a lot of paper scissors (also known as peaches, rubber loaded paper) is longer deformed thicker than usual, when pulling jammed paper, taking irregular paper will draw many sheets at the same time.


– Clean all mechanical system of paper scissors
– Lubricate the entire gear system.
– Replace the paper roller lot if the deformation test is found.
– Use voltage stabilizer to help stabilize the power supply for the machine.
– Do not use old, damp or wrinkled paper.
– Dry printed paper or replace with other printing paper.

15. The printer error has a paper jam

Paper jams are one of the most common errors when using the printer, almost all types of printers when used long and many have jam errors. When using one The printer has a paper jam Frequent will definitely make you feel very uncomfortable and annoying.

printing and printing equipment 7

There are many causes of printer jam. Here are some common causes and solutions:

– The burnt silk sack due to dry thermal grease, losing the effect of jamming the paper. Therefore, you need to replace the new silk bags of the same type and pay attention to thermal grease.
– Accidentally dropped a solid object inside the printer causing a paper jam. Therefore, be very careful and take the solid out
– The paper roller is dirty. You fix it by turning off the printer and cleaning the rubber paper roller located on its horizontal axis.
– The paper is too hard or too damaged, causing the machine to jam. To resolve this problem, first cancel the print job, then remove the cartridge and hold the edges of the paper gently to pull out the jammed paper. Next, you replace the new quality paper.
– The sensor at the machine door and the paper tray are faulty causing Jam paper alarm. In this case, you need to replace the sensor.

16. Printer error yellow light continuously on the printer

A continuous yellow light error on the printer can be caused by three main causes: the machine has a paper jam, the paper has not contacted the paper feed part or the cartridge. If the error Yellow light printer which causes paper jams, you can check and fix according to the instructions above. If the paper is not in contact with the paper feeder, push the paper tray close until it is easy to roll and print. The toner cartridge is installed incorrectly or the contact point on the toner chip is not good, causing the yellow light to blink continuously.

How to print and repair 8

17. The printer has jammed ink

A printer jam that causes toner to stop working and the lights on the printer to blink continuously. At this point, your connected cartridge probably has a problem because refilling the old cartridge incorrectly causes ink to jam on the nozzles. If you encounter this problem, remove the cartridge and use a soft, dry cloth to clean the nozzle. After the operation is complete, your printer will work again.

18. Error connecting the printer

Printer connection error usually occurs when the computer screen displays the message “Can not start spooler service” means your printer cannot connect to the service. The main reason is that the cable connecting the printer and the computer is not in good contact. To fix it, you should check the cable end and make sure it is in place. Then, go to Start> Run, type services.msc and navigate to the Print Spooler branch, click on it. Next, select Automatic in the Startup type section. Finally click Start to restart the service. In addition, if you print in a shared printer environment on the LAN, the machine will not say “Can not start spooler service” instead of “Server down”. This is because the server is off. Therefore, you need to turn on the sharing computer for printing to work normally.

19. The printer error is loud when printing

This error usually occurs when the printer is placed in an uneven place, resulting in a paper tray channel and the digging shaft, which causes abnormal noise when printing. In addition, the buzzer may also be caused by the transmission shaft and the transmission gears being warped or worn down. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace worn or damaged components. In addition, another reason is that the clothes (silk) of the machine is torn and you just need to change the dryer.

20. Font error when printing

Unicode fonts in Word printers print but can not print websites that use Unicode. The fix is ​​quite simple and you just need to do the following:

– Click the Print button and the Print window will appear
– Click the Properties button, select the Fonts tab, and select Print TrueType as graphics.
– Select OK to print.

In addition, you can also install FinePrint to print Unicode web pages.

21. Error printing printer slowly

This error usually occurs on many different types of printers and the main reason is because the printer driver is not compatible with the operating system you are using. So you need to go to the home page of that printer and find the correct driver version that is compatible with the operating system being used.
The above is General printer error and how to fix that Taimienphi collects want to share with readers. Hopefully these printer errors you can handle as well as fix them quickly. However, we do not encourage you to handle difficult issues with your knowledge because in many cases, if you do not handle it properly and technically, you will cause the machine to fall into the situation. more serious. Therefore, it is better to contact a reputable repair center for advice and fix. Good luck.


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