Summary of screenshots of current laptop lines

General guide on how to take screenshots of current laptop lines helps you no longer have to worry about when you want to capture the screen of the laptop you are using. For many users, the best way is to use the software because they are compatible with all laptops.

Currently, there are many different ways for users to take screenshots of laptops, with integrated tools, shortcuts or use software that supports laptop screen capture. However, choosing the most appropriate way for each laptop line is not easy if you have not been exposed to that laptop line.

But based on the summary of how to take screenshots of laptop screens in this article, you will surely know how to take screenshots on every popular laptop line today.

Summary of screenshots of current laptop lines

first. Take a screenshot of your laptop screen

For many users, taking a screenshot of a laptop is a job, a trick, a task that everyone should learn how to apply it best. For laptop users, the way to take screenshots has many similarities as when taking a screenshot of a computer screen but there are also many differences about the key layout system that users need to understand.

There are also many ways to take a screenshot of your laptop with software or shortcuts available on your computer. Therefore, you also need to learn for yourself how to take a screenshot of your laptop screen that best suits your habits and preferences.

2. Take a screenshot of the Laptop DELL screen

On Dell laptops, taking screenshots of Dell laptop screens is quite simple with the Snipping Tool or using the PrtSc keyboard shortcut available on the desktop keyboard. But to use this shortcut, you need to combine it with image editing software and graphic design of Microsoft Paint. Meanwhile, Snipping Tool is a built-in tool in Windows and you can use the search command to quickly open the tool.

Take a picture of your laptop screen

Details on how to take screenshots of Dell laptop, you can follow more in the article of offline.

3. Take screenshots of Asus laptops

Asus laptops are similar, users can use the Prt Sc or Sysrq shortcut on the Asus laptop keyboard, usually in the top right corner of the Asus laptop keyboard. This method will also require users to use Paint to paste and save screenshots of Asus laptops. In addition, users also use software such as FastStone Capture or Bandicam to capture Asus laptop screens easily.

Capture laptop screen

4. Take a screenshot of Lenovo laptop screen

For Lenovo laptops, the way Lenovo laptop screenshots seem to be a bit different than many other laptops, because the layout of the screen capture key will probably differ between some Ideapad and Lenovo’s ThinkPad lines. However, most users can still apply the way to take screenshots of Lenovo laptop by normal with Paint. There are things users will need to understand the combination of keyboard shortcuts when combined with the PrtSc key to take the best screenshot of Lenovo laptop.

how to take a picture of a laptop

Also as introduced in the article Screen capture Lenovo laptop, readers can use additional tools Snipping Tool, Bandicam or FastStone Capture to take screenshots offline.

5. Take a screenshot of the ThinkPad laptop screen

As mentioned above, Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptop line is a very special line with a very different keyboard layout that if not paying attention, users will not be able to find the screenshot button ThinkPad laptop. Note that there will be some ThinkPad laptops that do not support the PrtSc key, so users only have to use the software to take screenshots.

guide to capture laptop screen

The software that supports effective ThinkPad screen capture includes Snagit, Zscreen, ActivePresenter, FastStone Capture or Bandicam. Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages, so readers should learn more about the features of each software to choose a suitable support tool.

6. Take a screenshot of the HP Laptop screen

On HP laptops, users will have a slightly different way to take screenshots of HP laptop screens, because some HP laptops, the PrtSc button to take a screenshot of HP laptop screens are attached to some other keys, such as the Home button. . Integrating multiple functions into one button saves you space, but to activate one of the two features, you need to pay attention to press the Fn key to activate the button. PrtSc Please. For example Fn + Home / PrtSc.

How to take a picture of a laptop

After pressing the Fn button, the laptop recognizes the second function of that integrated key.

Thus, introduced in detail to you some ways to take a screenshot of laptop screen is quite simple and easy. There are usually some brands of laptops that have similarities in how to shoot, but there are also some special lines, such as Lenovo’s ThinkPads that will require some tips to take screenshots of laptop screens. easily.

Taking a screenshot of a computer screen in general or taking a screenshot of a laptop screen in particular is not a simple task for many new users. Differences in how to use keyboard shortcuts, support tools take computer screenshots is also a contributing factor that makes users bewildered when learning how to take screenshots.

But if you do not know those tips, the best way is to find yourself a software that supports the best screen capture today as FastStone Capture, Zscreen, Snagit, ActivePresenter, Capture Print. Note that each software such as Zscreen, FastStone Capture, Snagit, ActivePresenter, Capture Print will have a different advantage and usage, so try to find out how to use it before downloading it.
Good luck!


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