Summary of SPSS download links for computers and Macbook

Summary of SPSS download links for computers and Macbook

You are looking for a link to download SPSS for computers and Macbook, but currently there are many sites that make you “confused” with information not included adware and malicious code. The following article is a summary of SPSS download links for computers and Macbook that readers can refer to and choose.

SPSS is an acronym for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, a computer software for statistical analysis and commonly used for sociological and econometric investigative research. SPSS has a user-friendly interface, is easy to use because it uses primarily mouse clicks based on tools (tools) with very few commands. Because of the utility that it brings, there are many users who trust and choose to use this software. However the Download SPSS It makes it difficult for them to have a lot of pages with incorrect SPSS software download information, not to mention the risk of malware affecting their data. That’s why the article summarizes the link to download SPSS for computers and Macbook below Taimienphi hope to satisfy you.

Summary of SPSS download links for computers and Macbook

Depending on the computer configuration and use needs, you can choose to download the SPSS versions for computers and Macbook accordingly.

– Download SPSS for Windows
– Download SPSS for Mac

SPSS is widely used by researchers for research in the following fields:

– Psychology, criminology
– Sociological survey: Assessing the quality of public services, identifying factors affecting people’s perceptions.
– Business research: Intending to buy products, the trend of accepting a product or service. Brand positioning on the properties of products and services
– Biomedical research: Effects of drugs on a group of pathologies, analysis of factors affecting agricultural pests …

Above are all introductions as well as download links for SPSS computer and Macbook that Taimienphi share so readers can learn about this software as well as apply it in their work. In addition, if during the installation of SPSS software on computers and Mac OS if readers have problems and can not install the software, you can refer to the article of installation instructions through the manual. Lead that we have shared earlier.

Tutorial Install SPSS for computers
Tutorial Install SPSS for MAC OS
Good luck!


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