Summary of the 8 most common Windows 10 errors and how to fix them

Summary of the 8 most common Windows 10 errors and how to fix them

Common Windows 10 errors such as removing the Tablet Mode keyboard, turning off annoying notifications, updating applications in Store Win 10 … make your computer work unstable. Let’s refer to the errors and how to fix Windows 10 errors below to fix errors effectively.

Windows 10 operating system is the latest version of Microsoft, said to be the perfect comprehensive version suitable for all users. It is also because Windows 10 is fully featured with users that those who are familiar with Windows 7 will feel a bit surprised and annoyed with Windows 10 version with some outstanding features of the system. system.

8 most common Windows 10 errors and how to fix them

8 The following problem is not necessarily a mistake, it is simply the functions and utilities integrated in windows 10 to better support the user, if you do not like you can completely turn it off. Also when installing, users often encounter hard errors in hard win 10, this is a common error that many people wonder. You can completely fix Windows 10 hard drive errors easily on’s articles. Refer and follow, but now do not let you wait longer, here are 8 problems or errors Windows 10 frequently encountered.

The most common Windows 10 errors and how to fix them

1. Removing the Tablet mode keyboard (Mode for tablets)

Windows 10 is an operating system that is used for both desktops and tablets, and you can easily launch it in the notification bar.

error on windows 10

To disable, or turn it off, you can click on the Taskbar and select (or deselect) Show touch keyboard buttion.

windows 10 loi

If turned on, just click on the icon as the Tablet mode keyboard will appear to enter.

Windows 10 error

2. Turn off annoying notifications

To turn off notifications you don’t want to see appear on the screen, press Windows + A and then click Quiet hours.

Windows 10 or gap

In addition, you can customize the applications that are not allowed to display notifications by pressing Windows + I to enter Setting, select System.

loi or gap on windows 10

In Notification screen & actions you Off any applications do not like to display notifications.

loi win 10

3. Update the applications in Store Win 10

In case you cannot update the applications installed in the Win 10 Store, this is the solution for you. First open StartMenu, type “Store” and select Store to open.

error on win 10

Then click on the account and select Download and Updates.

loi windows 10

Finally click on Check for Updates to automatically check the system as well as download updates for applications.

repair windows 10

4. Record mode in the game

This mode, available from Windows 8, is a mode built into Xbox Live that allows you to record videos of the games you are playing, to activate this mode, you just go to any game you want and press the nest. Windows + R key combination.

how to fix windows 10

5.Turn off the Search Box

If you feel that it is too space consuming and you do not like it, turn it off by right-clicking on the Taskbar and selecting Search> Hidden to hide it.

repair Windows 10 or gap

6. Display the Computer, Recycle Bin icon

These are familiar icons to help you access faster, but with the Tiltle Bar interface of Windows 10 has limited this and these icons do not appear. To display again as previous windows, press Windows + I and then Personalization.

loi windows 10

Next go to Themes and select Desktop icon settings.

error on windows 10

In Desktop icon settings, tick Computer or other icons if you want them to display and then OK.

Windows 10 error

7. Turn off the Update mode

Not only is this a Windows 10 problem, but any operating system users want to eliminate this hassle, even though it is very important, but if you want to turn it off temporarily, do so.

Press Windows + I and then Update & security.

loi win 10

In the Windows Update section select Advanced Options

Windows 10 suspended error

Next, select Notify to schedule restart, click on Defer Upgrades and then choose How updates are delivered.

Windows 10 screen saver

In this section, set it to Off.

Windows 10 blue screen

8. Turn off Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a computer protection software built into your Windows 10, but there are some files, applications that are mistakenly considered viruses or you do not like the notifications of this software appear, please turn it off. go. First open StartMenu, type Defender and select the search results.

Windows 10 failed to connect to wifi

In Windows Defender You turn OFF all 3 options are complete.

loi restart win 10

The above are 8 problems you often encounter when using Windows 10 as well as how to fix Windows 10 errors that pointed out completely simple and can be done easily. encounter black screen error win 10 when booting and do not worry, has a solution to fix it for you, refer to the article about black screen error win 10 when booting to fix it.

You can consult 5 Win 10 repair tools to fix my operating system better.

In addition to the above 8 errors, during use, many of you will also get the error Boot Configuration Data File is Missing … accompanied by a blue screen, this time the user needs to reset the computer, but if the next time continues what should i do if i meet How to fix the Boot Configuration Data File is Missing error that Taimienphi has guided will help you fix this error completely.
On Windows 10, the Windows Modules Installer Worker error appears to consume a lot of computer CPU when users use it, this error directly makes the computer operate slowly, the quality of work decreases, refer to how to fix the Windows Modules Installer Worker error for the best fix.


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