Summary of the System, Tribe Chess Union Mobile

After a lot of waiting, Lien Lien Mobile finally released its own version of Lien Lien Flag. In the Union Chess Mobile players will see the presence of 23 special occupations and Factions and you will need to know detailed information about the Profession and Faction to be able to play the best Chess Game.

With each form game Auto Chess, races and professions are the things that players need to understand best before going to play to be able to build a strong squad. With its differences, Lien Quan Mobile is trying to build a system Tribe extremely complete

The Union flag was officially launched

Summary of the Jobs of the Union Chess Mobile


The demon generals will deal standard damage to enemies:

– 1 champion: Attack with 50% of true damage to enemies.
– 3 champions: Attack with 100% of standard damage.

Heroes of the Devil: Veera, Volkath, Maloch.


Deals scorching damage to targets and restores healing:

– 2 champions: Deals standard damage equal to 20% of maximum health for 5 seconds.
– 4 champions: Deals true damage equal to 40% of maximum health for 5 seconds.

Chess of Darkness: Preyta, Arduin, Grakk, Nakroth, Omen.

Monster hunter

Magic resist increased for the entire team:

– 2 champions: grants 300 magic resist.
– 4 champions: increase 600 magic resist.

Champions of Demon Hunter: Errol, Richter, Valhein, Violet.

Darkness Society

– When all 3 champions of the Yellow Emperor’s Association, the whole team receives additional gold after each round.
– Win for 2 extra gold, losing for 1 extra gold, only valid in PvP rounds.

Heroes of the Darkness Society: Amily, Quillen, Veres.

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The entire team is given an unaffected effect for 8 seconds at the beginning of the match.
Hero General: Krixi, Tel’Annas.


A random ally gains health. The amount of bonus health depends on the amount of Elementals on the board:

– 2 champions: Increases 1500 health.
– 4 champions: Increases 3000 health.

Generals of Elemental: Chaugnar, Zill, Azzen’Ka, Lumburr.


Speed ​​up the whole team. The effect is increased when more Union generals appear on the board:

– 2 champions: Increases attack speed by 20%.
– 3 champions: Increases 35% attack speed.

Commonwealth champions: Capheny, Quillen, Rourke.


Empower random allies and increase 300 mana and 5000 armor for him:

– 2 generals: Randomize 1 champion.
– 3 generals: Randomize 2 allies.

Chess of Science: Max, Moren, Omega.

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Norman faction heroes have a rate of blocking physical damage and countering enemies for 2 seconds when attacked:

– 3 champions: 15% chance of blocking half of the physical damage taken and countered by the opponent.
– 6 champions: 35% chance of blocking half of the physical damage taken and countered by the opponent.

Norman generals: Raz, Thane, Alice, Amily, Annette, ButterFly, Florentino.


Damage of the beastman faction will be accumulated (Accumulated only in 1 round).

– 2 champions: Increases 10% after 5 seconds.
– 4 champions: 25% increase after 5 seconds.

General of Beasts: Baldum, Cresht, Fennik, Kil “Groth, Payna, Krizzix.

Sell ​​Spirit

Go into battle the whole team get more energy:

– 2 champions: Increases 15 energy.
– 3 champions: Increases 30 energy.

General of the Half-Gods: Lauriel, Tulen, Ilumina.


The basic attacks of the Holy faction generals have a ratio of silence or a ban on hitting enemies:

– 2 champions: 25% chance of causing silence or banning for 2 seconds.
– 4 champions: 40% chance of silencing or banning for 2 seconds.
– 6 champions: 55% chance of silencing or banning for 2 seconds.

General of Saints: Enzo, Gildur, Ignis, Jinna, Xeniel, Yorn.


– Reduce 50% of all enemy armor when there are 2 Ninja generals.

Heroes of Ninja: Hayate, Airi.


– The beauty of the fox makes her bewitched and stunning for 8 seconds.

General of the fox: Liliana.

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Summary of Factions in the Union Flag


Champions who take damage will take shield and physical damage when the health is below 50%. The amount of armor and physical bonus gain will increase when more champions and paralyzes on the board:

– 2 champions: Increases 300 armor.
– 4 generals: Increases 600 armor.

Thu Ve

Defender will help all teammates heal when taking damage. The effect is increased by the number of defenders that appear on the board:

– 2 champions: 30% chance to restore 150 health.
– 4 champions: 50% chance to restore 250 health.


The players in the squad will bless their random teammates at the beginning of the battle. Blessing effect will grant teammates immunity to death and immunity for 2 seconds, restoring 30% health:

– 2 generals: 1 teammate randomly receives blessings.
– 3 generals: 2 teammates randomly receive blessings.


When the health is below 50%, gladiators will gain additional armor and physical attack. The amount of physical attack and armor increased when there were more gladiator champions on the chessboard:

– 2 champions: Increases 80 physical attacks, receives 800 armor.
– 4 champions: Increases 140 physical attacks, gaining 1400 armor.
– 6 generals: Increases 200 physical attacks, receives 2000 armor.


The witch generals in the squad will enhance the skill effects of all teammates:

– 3 champions: 40% increase in skill effects.
– 6 champions: Increases 100% skill effect.


Shamans will regain part of their energy after launching the ability:

– 2 champions: restore 30% energy.
– 4 champions: restore 60% energy.


The crazy generals that appear on the floor will cause damage to spread to nearby targets with 100% of base damage:

– 2 generals: 1 general wild card randomly receives lan effect.
– 4 generals: All fiendish champions receive laning effects.


The Gunners have a physical boost and critical chance when both are in the squad:

– 2 champions: Increases 10% physical damage, 25% critical strike rate.
– 4 champions: Increases 30% physical attack, 50% critical strike chance.


Archers who appear on the stage receive the combined effect: additional attacks when basic attacks:

– 2 champions: $ 25 base rate.
– 4 champions: 40% rate of attack.
– 6 champions: 65% reliance rate.


The assassin will jump behind the enemy squad, increasing critical and attack speed for 15 seconds. Effects increased when there are more assassins on the floor:

– 3 champions: Increases critical damage by 125% and attack speed by 20% for 15 seconds.
– 6 champions: Increases critical damage by 350% and attack speed by 40% for 15 seconds.

Currently Lien Quan Mobile has versions for iOS, Android and APK versions, download appropriate versions:

– Download Liên Quân Mobile for Android.
– Download Liên Liên Mobile for iPhone.
– Download Mobile Alliance version APK.
Above is a combination of Tribe and Us in the Union Chess Mobile. Currently, some Lien Lien Mobile players are having an error not to enter the game, you can see How to fix error cannot access Lien Quan Mobile here.


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