Summary of tips to help increase views on Youtube

Summary of tips to help increase views on Youtube

Are you looking for a strategy to increase views on your YouTube channel to increase motivation to make videos and increase monthly revenue? For details, please read the following article of on 5 tips to help Increase views on Youtube.

Summary of tips to help increase views on Youtube

Table of Contents:
1. Design an impressive Thumbnail.
2. Attract guests.
3. Managing customers.
4. Interact with followers and subscribers.
5. Choose the right time.

1. Design an impressive Thumbnail

An impressive thumbnail helps “stimulate” clicks on websites. First of all, the text only needs to occupy 2/3 of the image and attract the audience with the keywords, favorite keywords characteristic of a specific audience.

Help me to see the video on YouTube

Here are the steps to create an impressive Thumbnail:
– Choose light background color (blue or green)
– Choose a font color that contrasts with the background color
– Presenting text as large as 2/3 of the images and 1/3 for facial expressions.

2. Attracting guests: Directly access the website to your Youtube channel

Instead of using the trick to increase views, you should make an effort to increase the number of actual visits by paying attention to the duration and topics of the video. A video with a length of 5 to 12 minutes will “attract” more views than a video of less than 5 minutes.

Help me to find the best videos on youtube 2

However, that does not mean that you can extend the length of the video by inserting irrelevant content. This will reduce your views. Instead, daily or weekly, you release a 5-minute video of various topics of interest to readers. To do this, from the very beginning of Youtube, you remind your audience to click on the “Sign up“and enthusiastically comment below and suggest what viewers want you to share.

3. Manage to maintain visitors to your YouTube channel

You track visits to Youtube by using Google Analytics. From there, you can identify the level of interest of viewers on a topic that you have posted and plan to refresh the content and presentation of the videos to increase effective views.

4. Interact with potential followers and subscribers

Actually every view is a customer visiting your channel. Therefore, interact regularly with them and encourage them to share their views and thoughts to build close relationships with potential followers and subcribers.

5. Choose an appropriate time to upload videos to the channel

Choosing when to post videos is extremely important because it is the time that viewers spend on their real interests. Now is a great opportunity for your video to become a “bright spot” in the “top priority”.
The above article is about 5 tips to increase views on Youtube. Hope the above article of has provided you with useful information. Also, if you have any questions or need answers like how to develop a strong YouTube channel, Access, readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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