Surf anonymously on Chrome, Firefox, Opera is it safe?

Surf anonymously on Chrome, Firefox, Opera is it safe?

Surf anonymously on Google Chrome, is Firefox or Opera safe? and how to avoid the dangers that may be encountered. These are all legitimate questions of Internet users especially when exposed to web browsers every day.

Incognito browsing is also a feature that appears on many Chrome, Firefox, Coc Coc, IE or Opera web browsers. This feature allows users to surf the web without saving any information about browsing history or cookies on the browser. This feature is completely beneficial for the majority of users who require high privacy.

* Reason to choose incognito mode when browsing

– Searching safer and more stable

Search mode on Google will show a lot of results from friends or related things that Google has long followed you. This may not interest you. However, using incognito browsing mode, you can search for the best results you want, avoiding being distracted by the false results given by Google.

– Anti-cookie monitoring

Anonymous browsing is safe on Chrome Firefox Opera

Cookies are considered one of the scariest things on the Internet. Cookies are files created by websites you have visited that store browsing information. Cookies are used to maintain status information when you visit different pages on a website or revisit this website at another time. Based on cookies, network attackers can take advantage of attacks on users’ computers.

With anonymous browsing, you will not be storing cookies and inadvertently preying on network attackers.

If you want to automatically use incognito mode for certain websites, try the Autonito extension on Google Chrome. This extension allows you to choose websites that want to block tracking of cookies.

– Avoid distractions

The site is protected by Chrome security firefox opera

Incognito browsing also helps you work more efficiently by distributing important work in incognito tabs to help you stay focused if you are next to the usual entertainment tabs. In particular, incognito mode will require you to log in to the service account every time you activate. This will ensure your account will avoid many unnecessary risks.

* The reason why incognito mode is still not really secure

– Still have information that cannot be hidden, it is the IP address. Failure to hide the IP address still puts users in danger if unfortunately caught by hackers.

– Users can still be occupied by keylogs and track browsing information.

– Users will still be monitored and monitored by the network management system, ISP of the service provider.

– Browsing speed may be significantly reduced compared to normal web browsing.

Thus, regardless of the mode of browsing, ensuring safety when browsing the web is still a top priority that users need to pay attention to.

Chrome Security Chrome Opera is safe

In addition, users can also use the extension to allow temporary history when browsing anonymously to know browsing history and manage when needed. Although the purpose of anonymous browsing is to clear away visited websites, many users will want to know which page they have just visited so that they can accidentally turn it off. So, how to save temporary history when browsing anonymously will be very helpful in this case.
Most incognito web browsers are among the best in 2016. Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera are not only powerful in processing speed but also in terms of user experience and features. Unique bundled feature. Readers can selectively in top best browsers of 2016 Please give me the best and most suitable browsers for me.


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