SwiftKey App now supports direct copy/paste between Android and Windows

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most popular virtual keyboard apps on Android today. Especially, if you also regularly use Windows, your experience will be much better, thanks to a new feature that allows users to copy and paste text in sync, directly with the SwiftKey app on both Android and Windows platforms.

Called Cloud Clipboard, the feature is a long-awaited addition, released by Microsoft with update for the SwiftKey virtual keyboard app on supported platforms. Once the latest update is installed, you’ll be able to copy text to the clipboard of your Android smartphone or tablet, and paste it into the working text field on your Windows PC – and vice versa.

In fact, Cloud Clipboard was introduced in the SwiftKey Keyboard beta a few months ago. After a beta period, Microsoft is now making this feature available to the stable version of the app. This feature can work on both Windows 10 (running October 2018 update or later) and Windows 11, provided you have the latest version of the SwiftKey app on your Android device.

However, it should be noted that Cloud Clipboard is not enabled by default. On an Android device, you’ll need to open the app and navigate to SwiftKey Keyboard Settings >> Rich input >> Clipboard. Then, tap the “enable” switch.Sync Clipboard history“.

Now on a Windows computer, navigate to Settings >> System >> Clipboard, and turn on the switch that activates the following features:

  • Clipboard history
  • Sync across your devices

Setup on Windows

You can learn more about the feature HERE. Download and install the keyboard app for Android smartphones HERE.


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