Symptoms of Corona disease, signs of detection

Symptoms of Corona disease, signs of detection

The symptoms of Corona or Covid 19 disease, how to prevent the disease are many people are interested and learn today. Corona virus is making people bewildered when the disease is considered to be contagious, causing acute and dangerous pneumonia. You need prevention to ensure the health of yourself, your family and society.

Recently, Corona virus causing acute pneumonia to appear and spread rapidly, starting from Wuhan, China and then spreading to provinces and countries such as Vietnam and the US …. According to the information, symptoms of Corona Virus are similar. Like people with fever, the incubation period is long, so you need to take precautions and protect the health of yourself and your family.

Signs of detection of Corona virus

Table of Contents:
I. What is Corona virus ?.
II. Symptoms of Corona disease.
III. How to prevent the flu of Corona.
IV. Is Corona virus dangerous?
V. Choose a N95 respirator to prevent Corona disease.
BECAUSE. Bat soup – The source of the Corona virus.
VII. SARS 2003 pandemic.

I. What is Corona virus?

Corona virus (nCoV, coronavirus in English, new name is COVID-19) is a respiratory disease, causing diseases such as Middle East respiratory syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndrome.

The disease spreads between people and people or things. According to scientists, this disease originated from camels and caused by civet civet.

Methods of transmission of Corona disease such as touching objects that people have touched, then putting their hands on their mouth, eyes …. Corona virus is spread from person to person through contact with an infected person. Depending on the condition of the person you are exposed to, you may be exposed when the person sneezes and shakes hands.

II. Symptoms of Corona disease

Because of a respiratory illness, people with Corona often have respiratory symptoms, similar to when you have a cold. According to information from the Ministry of Health, signs of Corona disease include sore throat, cough, nose bleed, shortness of breath, muscle aches, high fever, etc. These symptoms not only last for one day but can lasts up to several days.

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Signs of Corona disease

People infected with nCoV can develop acute respiratory failure, severe pneumonia, and even death. People with weak resistance, especially the elderly and young children, are more likely to get this disease.

III. How to prevent the flu of Corona

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Prevention of Corona disease

The death rate caused by Corona disease is from 0 to 50% of cases, for the elderly and young children, the rate increases. Meanwhile, there are currently no specific drugs, vaccines against Corona disease, which mainly treat the symptoms of the disease, prevent and detect the disease for timely treatment. Therefore, you can apply the following ways to prevent Corona disease:

– Limit direct contact with people with Corona disease, if exposed, wear a mask and keep a distance of at least 2m from the patient.
– Regular personal hygiene such as rinsing your mouth with antiseptic water, washing your hands with soap, keeping your body warm.

We can be easy Make your own dry hand wash water to prevent Corona disease.

– When sneezing, cover your mouth or cover with a handkerchief.
– Wear a mask when going out.
– Limiting to crowded places, exposed to the dangers in the air.
– If you suspect Corona infection, go to the hospital, clinic as well as avoid contact with others.

IV. Is Corona virus dangerous?

As of March 1, 2020, the number of COVID-19-positive people reached 87,601 people, including 2,995 deaths but 42,034 cases were cured, particularly in China, with 79,824. infected, 2,870 people died; In Korea, there are 3,736 people infected, 20 people died; in Italy, there are 1,128 people infected, 29 people died; …; In Vietnam, there are 16 people infected but have been cured and “negative” with COVID-19. The incubation period of this disease is from 1 – 14 days, when the patient does not have any symptoms yet, even if not present, the disease is still spread and contagious.

Occurs in Wuhan, but within 20 days, Corona disease has spread to 60 different countries, respectively, China, South Korea, Italy, Iran … Cases and deaths COVID-19 disease has no signs of stopping.

The spread of disease from person to person, animals to humans even though patients without symptoms of Corona disease are considered as important and dangerous factors causing the infection of this disease to increase. The proportion of people dying of Corona disease is constantly increasing.

V. Choose a N95 respirator to prevent Corona disease

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Wear a mask to prevent Corona disease

The COVID-19 disease prevention step is still considered an important step that you and your family need to take to ensure the health of you and your family, especially to wear a mask because wearing a mask not only prevents Corona disease but also prevent many other virus infections.

Corona virus is very small in size, living and growing environment is in the saliva shot of the patient when sneezing, talking …. In that case, wearing a mask is considered a possible measure. disease prevention. Meanwhile, N95 respirator can filter 95% of fine dust, so wearing this mask can prevent Corona virus more effectively than medical masks. However, N95 masks need to be tight-fitting and tight. But according to research, it is okay to use a 3-layer mask, no need to use an N95 mask.

According to the study, N95 masks and medical masks are both very useful for preventing the spread of respiratory-related pathogens by the way Corona disease is spread through saliva droplets, through contact.

N95 is not as good as the advertisement, rumor:

– N95 respirator mask is difficult to use: In order to filter air well, this mask needs to be tight and tight on the face. If wearing a N95 respirator feels comfortable or easy to breathe, it is often worn in the wrong way. Moreover, this mask is not suitable for the face of children, bearded people. If a person has cardiovascular disease, a person with lung disease who wears an N95 respirator mask properly often will not wear it for long.

– N95 mask is easy to use the wrong way: The price of this mask is quite expensive, few suppliers should use the mask many times, lasting for hours. This makes the pathogen more contagious.

Wearing a mask with people wearing glasses will have difficulty walking, looking at books or computers, so please refer How to wear a mask without blurring of glass The effect we have shared offline.

WHO has raised the infection warning level of COVID-19 when the disease has spread to more than 60 countries and territories. Therefore, you should take precautions to ensure not being infected, protecting the health of yourself and your family.

Facemask is one of the methods to prevent COVID-19 disease, so the demand for buying and using masks of people increases, making the situation of masks on the market become scarce and harder to buy than ever. . According to the Ministry of Health, it is not necessary to wear a mask everywhere but in the following situations, you need to wear such as:

– Contact with patients, people suspected of COVID-19 infection.
– When designated isolation, home monitoring or examination.
– When caring for and having contact with a person with dyspnea, cough, runny nose …

BECAUSE. Bat soup – The source of the Corona virus

General condition corona disease development 5

Bat soup is considered to be the source of the infectious disease Corona

It appears that bats are animals that spread Corona virus because according to research by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the gene of COVID-19 resembles 96% of bats carrying this virus so bat soup – a strange dish The popular Chinese bat has been suspected by many experts as the reason for the Corona virus. Therefore, people should not eat dishes made from bats and wildlife to be able to prevent this disease effectively.

VII. SARS 2003 pandemic

The Corona virus reminds us of the 2003 SARS pandemic – a disease that everyone must fear. In a short time, this pandemic has spread to 32 countries and territories, the number of deaths is 900 people / 8422 people infected.

The disease entered Vietnam on February 26, 2003. After the introduction of a strict isolation regime, until April 8, 2003, there were no more SARS patients in Vietnam. After 45 days, Vietnam declared to control the disease and on 5 July 2003, the WHO announced that the 2003 SARS pandemic had been cut off.

If you have symptoms of Corona disease above, you should go to hospitals, medical facilities for examination, and you should limit contact with people to ensure the disease does not spread to those around.
In addition, dengue fever is also an acute infectious disease, which has been popular in recent years. For timely treatment, health protection for yourself and everyone in the family, in addition to prevention, you need to understand dengue symptoms, symptoms include high fever, tired body, hemorrhage, headache, vomiting …


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