Taboo to avoid when doing Facebook marketing

Taboo to avoid when doing Facebook marketing

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that you should not ignore when you want to promote your brand and build customer loyalty. However, if you do not do this job well, you will destroy your image in the eyes of customers. Therefore, today will list the errors that you need to avoid when doing Facebook Marketing!

Table of Contents:
1. Not fully update the information on the Facebook page.
2. Using inappropriate cover / avatar images.
3. Post too many posts.
4. Too many words.
5. Post boring, non-targeted content to your brand.

Taboo to avoid when doing Facebook marketing

1. Not fully update the information on the Facebook page

This is a mistake that many businesses make when marketing on Facebook. Therefore, basic information such as brand name, address, avatar, cover image, website url, twitter, instagram … should be updated on facebook fanpage. Not only that, if your site has changes, you should update it so that people who are interested in your site will know it.

2. Using inappropriate cover / avatar images

The cover image on Brand Brand Facebook is a detail to note when marketing on Facebook because it is the first thing consumers notice. Therefore, you should adhere to Facebook guidelines and in the cover image of the page should not:
– Contains information about prices or discount programs
– Contains user calls to “like,” share, comment, download
– Contact information, such as web, email or mailing address

Instead, in the cover photo, show your customers your product or brand identity. Please update and change the image when you have a new product, new program, .. and want to market it. In general, it is best to cover your product / service on your cover photo / avatar on Facebook Page.

3. Post too many posts

When running marketing on Facebook, many people still think that the more posts they publish, the more customers they reach. However, the reality is completely opposite. Many studies show that posting 2 or more times a day can reduce user engagement. Facebook points out that the average user “likes” 4 to 6 new pages per month, so it’s better to invest in the content you post to get more attention from users. Ideal number of posts should be 1 time per day.

Things to avoid when doing facebook marketing

Besides, if you don’t have a lot of time, you can even just post a few times a week. However, more importantly, you should check the number of people “like” your page, reply to the comments of users on the page, tag the people you are answering … This is a way to help you retain gain loyal customers and attract more Facebook users.

4. Too many words

Facebook research has shown that posts with 100 to 250 characters (the equivalent of one or two lines of text) receive more likes, comments and shares than posts with more than 250 characters. Therefore, please pay attention to this issue when writing content for posts in your Facebook marketing campaign.

committed to fighting when doing facebook marketing 2

Another tip to ensure the post is engaging and shortest is that you can remove the link URL from the text in the post. Instead, copy and page the URL so that both your website and your Facebook users will be visible.

Reference way Write a title for Marketing on Facebook here.

5. Post boring, non-targeted content to your brand

This is also a common mistake when doing marketing on Facebook. People always think that interesting content will help the readers’ interaction more so look for anything that they find interesting, even having content unrelated to the product / translation. their case. This approach may attract readers, but whether they pay attention to your brand or not is something to worry about. Therefore, when making content for the strategy Marketing on Facebook special attention to creating engaging and relevant content for your brand.

For example, if you’re marketing an iPhone shell product and you’re posting a Kickstarter project just because you think it’s good, this is a marketing strategy that doesn’t seem right.
Although it is known that marketing on Facebook is a constantly changing work and requires many different tactics. However, in the process of doing this, you should at least avoid the errors listed in the article to make your marketing plan perfect! Good luck!


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