Tahm Kench DTCL season 6: Build up, Tahm Kench Foreign Army lineup

Tahm Kench, after his appearance in season 4, is rarely mentioned outside of his role as an early-game tanker and God of Wealth. However, if there are more Vanguard Armor, Stone Armor Animal Statue, Fire Cloak and enough Vanguard-type size, Tahm Kench can completely be the last champion in the team.

In this list of DTCL season 6 generals, Tahm Kench with his remarkable skills has been named by many gamers in the list of DTCL season 6. Especially when he has the Foreign Binh clan, the clan is known most looking forward to DTCL season 6.

But Tahm Kench costs 5 gold and you will have to have a series of wins with strong champions to have money to meet Tahm Kench early. So for Tahm Kench to have a standard item and a standard lineup, please refer to the content below.

Tahm Kench Stats, Skills, and Clans


dtcl catfish season 6

dtcl catfish season 6

Tahm Kench has the advantage of being able to eat champions to increase the stats, you can take the money dropped from the chest to buy back champions and then feed the Catfish. Health from Gladiator allows Tahm Kench to stay longer in defense. The longer he stands on the field, the more champions he can swallow, or at least he can control the enemy, especially the top buffalo blood tankers.

dtcl catfish season 6

Personal stats (updating)

  • Skill: Tahm Kench devours his target for 3 seconds, dealing 1000/2000/30000 magic damage. During this time, the victim will not be able to take any other damage and the Catfish will also take 40% less damage. If the victim dies, Tahm Kench will randomly drop the victim’s base items or complete items, or he will release gold equal to the price of the champion swallowed. Otherwise, the victim will be thrown towards the farthest enemy champion and stunned for both.

Dress up Tahm Kench DTCL season 6

The items for Tahm Kench are mostly defensive items and you need to prepare Net Armor > Silver Cloak > Giant Belt > Wooden Bow > Oversized Staff. If you want to increase his skill damage, you can pair the Witch’s Hat or the Angel’s Fist. Tahm Kench’s items can be given to Illaoi to hold.

tahm kench dtcl season 6

Lineup for Tahm Kench DTCL season 6

5 Foreign Soldiers x 4 Gladiators

tahm kench dtcl season 6

Obviously, Foreign Soldiers and Gladiators are the basic way to reach Tahm Kench. Illaoi will be the tanker to keep the catfish, Gangplank can be the main carry and at the end of the game can give Urgot items if you see him appear a lot. If you get x1 Foreign Soldiers from the Hextech fragment, you can put Quinn on the counter and get x5 Foreigners.

The tank line of this squad is quite strong when there is Mundo at the end of the game, if you have more tank items like Blood Armor, Animal Stone Armor or Dragon Claw you can give it to Mundo.

tahm kench dtcl season 6

Or you can switch to the above formation with Jhin DTCL season 6 and Fiora DTCL season 6. This formation will do more damage and reduce tankers. So you need to get more items for Jinx and if possible, Fiora as well.

6 Gladiators

tahm kench dtcl season 6

The Gladiator’s health is high and this team’s tanker is quite strong. The damage mission will be left to Urgot or Gangplank. With enough defense and a lot of blood, the Cat Cat will take advantage of opening his mouth to bite to generalize the enemy’s tanks.

Tahm Kench with his interesting skills is definitely no longer a champion just to stimulate the clan in season 6. Although the carry position in the team requires him to have more stars and some more magical items like the Witch Hat or Divine Scepter.


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