Elon Musk xác nhận tham gia sự kiện Bitcoin "The B Word"

Tesla CEO vs Twitter CEO: ‘The epic battle’

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Elon Musk Confirms Attending "The B Word" Bitcoin Event
Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey

Upcoming Tesla CEO Elon Musk could ‘confront’ Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the stage of a Bitcoin event called The B Word.

Recently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he wanted to ‘talk to Tesla leader, billionaire Elon Musk about issues surrounding Bitcoin. So Jack invited Elon to a Bitcoin event held in July.

In a tweet to Musk, the Twitter CEO said: “Let’s talk.”

In response below Musk immediately agreed: “Fine, let’s talk”.

After that, Dorsey said he would soon complete the preparations for the upcoming talk with Elon Musk.

“Okay, I’ll arrange this talk,” he said.

The upcoming Bitcoin event is called The B Word. The event attracted a lot of celebrities in the crypto community and also CEOs from large companies and investment funds to attend, including: ARK Invest Founder Cathie Wood, Blockstream CEO Mr. Adam Back and especially, Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Michael Morell.

The event will focus on discussing issues surrounding Bitcoin and how institutions can access Bitcoin.

Elon Musk is formerly known as a Bitcoin supporter, on twitter he often asks questions about Bitcoin, discusses Bitcoin usage issues with programmers, CEOs of crypto companies. .

He has also repeatedly changed his profile picture to Bitcoin, as well as edited his twitter profile with “#Bitcoin”.

However, recently he has been unpopular with crypto fans due to negative tweets about Bitcoin, such as criticizing Bitcoin mining for polluting the environment, Bitcoin has a high carbon footprint compared to other currencies. another cryptocurrency, claims Tesla can accept payments in Altcoins, an alternative to Bitcoin.

Meanwhile Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has quite a strong love for Bitcoin. In February 2021, he allowed his payment company Square to deduct $170 million to buy Bitcoin, in June 2021 he revealed that Square was investing $5 million in building a Bitcoin “miner”.

And during the Bitcoin Conference 2021 in Miami, USA, he announced that he would make Bitcoin the ‘currency for the Internet’ and considered the possibility of adding Bitcoin to Twitter’s balance sheet.

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