Test Vietnamese typing speed with 10fastfingers

Test Vietnamese typing speed with 10fastfingers

Tips to test typing speed, type keyboard with website 10fastfinger with very simple operations with Unikey or Vietnamese typing toolkit. How many words can you confidently type in Vietnamese? Let’s learn about this interesting 10-finger typing speed test website.

10FastFingers is a website that allows you to check your typing speed. Just type and see how fast you type. This is an extremely useful online tool for those who want to learn and improve their 10-finger typing skill.

10FastFingers website supports many different typing languages, up to 53 languages, including Vietnamese and English. Especially, the page also has Vietnamese interface for users to manipulate in case users do not know foreign languages.

To be able to type Vietnamese on any text, you need to have Unikey or Vietnamese Typing to write text on your computer. If you want to improve your typing speed with Unikey, learn these unikey shortcut is the first priority you should work hard to implement.

How to check hair by Vietnamese language 10fastfinger

Normally you will need to install Unikey, but Taimienphi.vn has introduced you to the article Vietnamese typing without unikey It is quite useful, so you can refer to two different ways to type Vietnamese.

Instructions to test Vietnamese typing speed by 10fastfingers

Step 1: Access Here or go to the website 10fastfingers.com

Step 2: If accessing through page 10fastfingers.com, in the main interface, click to select Start a Typing Pracice.

Check the results by Vietnamese language 10fastfinger

Step 3: At this point, you can choose an arbitrary typing language.

At Language section, click and select Vietnamese from the list.

check hair by go bang viet 10fastfinger

10FastFingers will have two modes: Easy and Extremely Difficult. However, in order to reach the extremely difficult level, users will have to pass all levels of the Easy level.

Step 4: To check personal typing speed, click one of the two options: Check the typing speed (Top 200 words) and Advanced typing test (Top 1000 words).

Collected by Vietnamese language 10fastfinger

With these two modes, users will have 1 minute to type words randomly repeated. At the end of typing time, you will get a table of results of word / minute synthesis, keystrokes used, correct words, wrong words, and% typing faster than others.

– To compete with other players, you can select the typing contest to compete with other players.

How to check hair by Vietnamese language 10fastfinger

Each contest will have a certain text to try with the player. At the end of the competition time, the competition will sum up the list of competitors with the fastest typing speed to honor.

Collecting test results by Vietnamese language using the 10fastfinger website

– If you want to practice according to the individual texts, you just need to select the Training mode item> Create text> Enter the title and text content.

Check out the results by using the 10fastfinger service

Select Practice mode to practice typing yourself with optional text.

Check your hair by going to Vietnamese using the 10fastfinger program

– Section Top 1000 will help users can practice more words. Each level has 50 words (except the boss level has 100 words).

Note: For all your keystrokes to be recognized, you need to register for a 10FastFingers account. Currently the site offers both email and Facebook account registration so users can freely create an account and log in.

So Taimienphi.vn introduced you to a website to check the speed of typing 10 fingers very interesting and useful. Hope readers can experience more with this site and have learned how to type 10 fingers most effectively. Refer to the list of 10-finger typing software for daily practice.

Besides Unikey, users also have another option with Vietnamese typing software named Vietkey. Reference immediately use Vietkey to type Vietnamese easily and quickly.


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