The 2 most delicious parts of pork but 90% of us don’t know

Pork or bacon is a familiar food for most Vietnamese families. However, not everyone knows what the best part of a pig is? If you think that it’s pork ribs or pork belly, you’re wrong. Please read the article below to get the answer.

1. Peach cheek meat

Peach cheek meat is the inner part of pork cheek that is very sweet and fragrant. The flesh of the peach cheek has alternating veins with the meat, but the tendon is very soft, not hard or tough and not as fat as the outer cheek.

How to prepare: The peach cheek meat is the best for steaming, it will retain its natural sweetness, and the tendon will not be soft.

In addition, thinly sliced ​​peach cheek meat and then stir-fried or cooked in soup with vegetables is also very delicious.

2. Pork loin

The tenderloin is the base of the tenderloin. This is one of the two most delicious parts of pork because of the harmonious amount of fat – lean, not dry, and not too fat like whole loin.

Pork loin

How to prepare: Thinly sliced ​​pork loin, dipped in hot pot or rimmed with fish sauce are all very delicious. In addition, the tenderloin can be dipped into the pho and is as delicious as beef!

Peach cheek meat and tenderloin are the two best parts of pork, so many people choose to buy it. To buy these two types of meat, you have to go to the market very early.

In addition to how to choose delicious pork, you can refer to some other tips such as how to distinguish fish types, how to add pomegranates, how to preserve food, etc. to apply to help make housework better. easier and safer.


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