The 9 best ways to use keywords in a blog post help to top search

If you are a newbie in Seo industry or an outsider who wants to learn the basic knowledge of SEO, the article sharing 9 best ways to use keywords below of will be very helpful for you. The article will share with you what is SEO keyword? How to use keywords in standard SEO articles to easily get to the Top of Google

Keyword is one of the most important factors to maintain and develop article content. Keywords determine the actual content of the articles on the page and directly affect the traffic from readers.

What are SEO keywords? How to use keywords to article SEO

Understanding the concept, how to search keywords to set up the standard SEO keyword set and know how to use keywords will be an important first step, determining the success of your business project.

In this article, let’s learn the concepts, some tips for choosing keywords and using keywords most effectively.

Keyword SEO: Concept, importance and usage

1. What are keywords?

When looking for information on a topic or field of interest, we often go to Google and type keywords, such as “customize WordPress Blog”, “food delivery in Hanoi”, or “cheap maxi dresses”, etc. The string of words you are searching on Google is the keyword for a specific topic.

Thus, to be able to optimize the content, the simplest thing that the content editor can do is put a single keyword or series of words related to the topic that you present on the blog. Keywords exist as a factor that leads Internet users to find exactly what they want.

2. Why are keyword SEO important for blog posts?

Your blog needs to be ranked high on search engines if you want the content to reach more readers. This means that when a user enters any content they want to find on search engines, the tool can recognize the blog that you are comfortable with and list it on the first page of results.

Obviously, keywords play a very important role in influencing your blog search rankings. The keywords in the post must be carefully selected, guaranteed to suit the target audience that you target and the words commonly used by Internet users.

That way, search engine algorithms can find your blog and display it high enough to attract potential readers. Finally, your blog will increase reach, readings and followers.

Search engines are often the door that leads readers to your blog. That is why you have to use keywords wisely to ensure that whatever content you present on your blog attracts readers.

9 ways to use best practices in a blog post help to top search results 2

SEO keywords, SEO keyword density is an important factor that determines the quality of Google’s articles

Note: Choosing SEO keywords, building article layout, insert internal links in the article, …, is one of the many jobs that onpage SEO optimizers need to do. To update the latest onpage SEO algorithms from Google, you cannot ignore shared posts 7 best onpage SEO techniques 2020 of

3. How to use SEO keywords effectively

By reading this, you probably understand the important role of keywords in the process of building and developing a blog site. Keywords can help complete the article content or destroy it, causing your website to be penalized by Google.

Here are some effective ways to use keywords to improve search rankings on Google that you can refer to.

3.1. Develop a strategy to put keywords in the content of the article

SEO keywords can appear in many positions in your post. You can use them in the title, content, meta description, and even the URL of the article. Normally, you have to naturally insert keywords into all the main content.

Important note: don’t stuff too many keywords, because if you do so, your page could be penalized by Google, your article will therefore be difficult to reach users.

3.2. Keywords appear in the title

The title of your blog post must contain keywords, because the title tag will be the first introduction of the content you write to readers and search engines.

How to place the SEO keyword in the title tag means that the search engine can easily find your article and show it to readers who have just entered the tool specific keywords. as a query to the search platform.

The most important thing you need to do in this step is to focus on optimizing the title with the right keywords. It must have a harmonious blend of information and algorithmic flexibility.

Note: You can use the civil service Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find high-ranking words or phrases searched by many users in their topic.

9 ways to use best practices in a blog post help to top search results 3

SEO keywords need to appear in the title of the article to help searchers easily filter content and rank your website

3.3. SEO keywords appear in the Heading tag section

Don’t just limit your keywords to title tags, insert keywords into Heading tags (big items, important content in your article)

The fact that keywords are inserted correctly into Heading will improve the scanning ability of the blog post and allow readers to approach and keep up with the content.

3. 4. Keywords appear in the body of the article

Surely you will need to insert the main keyword into the body of the article. Keywords will help reinforce the topic of your blog post and continue to assert to search engines that your content contains useful information.

In this section, you need to pay special attention to keyword density. Keyword density is understood as the number of keywords you use throughout the article. Normally, for blog, you need keyword density in the range of 3-5%.

3. 5. Keywords appear in the article description

The description tag is an HTML tag that summarizes an article or web page. This section is usually around 155 – 160 characters long, and it is displayed by the search engine on the results page, giving readers an overview of the content of the entire post.

Because the meta description will be on the search results page, you need to optimize it for important SEO keywords.

Naturally inserting keywords into meta descriptions can cause search engines to recognize that your blog provides useful content, and always displays the page at the top of the search results page every time users Enter related keywords.

9 ways to use best practices in a blog post help to find top 4

How to use keywords in standard SEO articles.

3. 6. Keywords appear in the URL link

URLs also play an important role in SEO. Specifically, search engines will easily evaluate the topic of the article and index the article if the URL contains 1 or 2 keywords. Conversely, search engines will ignore your article if the URL is just a messy sequence of letters, numbers and characters.

For example, you can consider the following 2 URLs: / 12345ABCDE-123 /

In this example, Google will want to show the reader the 2nd URL instead of the 1st, as it almost immediately gives the reader an overview of the content of the article. Make sure you have edited the blog post URL including the keyword before publishing.

You can easily edit the article URL through the support of technical department, website administration. In addition, the URL of the article should contain no more than 10-15 words. If longer, the link will be cumbersome and the reader can not remember. Search engines often support short or medium URLs and have clear content, instead of too long and complex URLs.

3. 7. Highlight the main keywords in the first paragraph of the article

The first 100 words of a post are often the most important content for Google to index. So, you should insert the main keyword, sub keyword, keyword need SEO in the first paragraph of the text, make sure that the text will appear on the first page of search results.

Specifically, you can write content descriptions with 100 words, including keywords naturally. Even if the description is short, if it is strong enough it is still much more effective than long writing without including keywords.

You do not have to explain what the content is about, just the basic information and the main keyword.

9 ways to use best practices in a blog post help to find top 5

SEO keywords should be in the first paragraph of the article.

3. 8. Avoid keyword stuffing

Although it is often advisable to try to insert keywords into your posts, know the stopping point, because if you try to cram too much, you will not be able to SEO the content.

If the article contains too many keywords, both readers and search engines will be distracting. In other words, keyword stuffing is a keyword repetitive action, or simply spam. Both Google and Internet users hate this issue.

To avoid keyword stuffing, you can refer to the following tips:

+ Study carefully the keywords you will use: Avoid using low value keywords, instead focus on the words that rank high in the topics you present.
+ Do not use the wrong key grammar phrases
+ Increase the length of the article.

3. 9. Use SEO keyword analysis tools

Your website needs to be SEO friendly on desktop and mobile. To improve the ranking of the article, you need to choose the appropriate keywords and combine with onpage and offpage SEO factors. However, you can also choose to manage your post keywords from one of the many SEO keyword analysis tools available.

Of course, using keyword analysis does not mean you will have to do less tricks. Some effective WordPress plugins include: SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Rankchecker, ..

– You can find out, download the SEO tools, keyword analysis here.

Above, has shared with you the concept, how to use keywords to SEO articles on Top Google. The content of the article above is quite basic but very useful to plan the construction of SEO article content.

Besides keyword building, using Anchor text to build links to related articles is also an important factor in keyword SEO. If you still do not understand anchor text, you can find out in the article Anchor text what? How to use anchor text effectively?


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