The APG submarine cable route is expected to be repaired in February 2022

Update (December 27, 2021): The APG route had the 4th incident of the year on December 13, affecting international Internet connections in Vietnam. According to the management unit, it is expected that the repair will not be completed until February 2022.

Specifically, the problem on the APG route will be fixed from February 2 to February 6, 2022. Thus, the APG cable route will be interrupted for more than 1 month.

Not finished fixing AAG yet again APG cable route has a problem after just over half a month of restoration

A representative of an Internet service provider (ISP) said that the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) international undersea fiber optic cable had a problem on the connection direction to Hong Kong (China) since December 13, causing problems. service interruption.

The ISP representative added that the cause of the problem on the APG undersea cable has not been determined yet.

APG is one of the five main cable routes connecting the Internet from Vietnam to the world, so this incident has a relatively large impact on Internet connection from Vietnam to international on the route. The estimated traffic loss to carriers as a result of this incident is around 1TB.

This is the 4th time in 2021, the APG international undersea fiber optic cable has problems. The most recent was late October on the S3 shard on 11/27. Thus, after just over half a month of being overcome, the APG cable route encountered a problem.

In addition, at the moment there is still another undersea fiber optic cable, Asia America Gateway (AAG), which is still having problems due to a source leak on the S1I branch on the evening of October 22 and the cable branch connecting Vietnam – Singapore as well. down since the end of October. So far, the connection on the AAG route has not been restored.

In the last 5 years, the break of undersea fiber optic cable happened quite often, greatly affecting the speed and quality of Internet access in Vietnam. At the recent Vietnam Internet Day 2021 event, representatives of Viettel Networks, the Vietnam’s undersea fiber optic cable lines to the region were broken an average of 10 times per year, with each malfunction lasting a month.


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