The Apple co-founder thinks that the iPhone 13 is no different from the previous generation

True to the “family tradition”, the new iPhone 13 models have been creating a global fever as soon as they are officially opened for sale. However, according to the latest comment from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, it seems that he will not upgrade to any iPhone 13 models. The reason is very simple, Steve said that he absolutely did not notice any major differences between this year’s iPhone models compared to their predecessors.

Specifically, after receiving a new iPhone 13 to experience, Steve Wozniak had the following comment about Apple’s latest product:

“I just received a new iPhone; And I can’t really tell the difference from the previous version. I guess the software in there is like older iPhones, so that’s fine. I was concerned about the size and size of the new product… but didn’t research it closely. Overall, I just care if the product is good or not.”

This seems to be a somewhat “strict” comment by Steve Wozniak, because to be fair, there are still differences between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, and in terms of hardware and software. But it must also be admitted that those are not changes that you can easily spot with just a few glances. You will have to look very closely to notice that the iPhone 13 models have had a compact notch, and the camera cluster is more prominent than the iPhone 12. At the same time, the thickness and weight are also marginally better than the previous generation. duty.

It is possible that Wozniak returned his new iPhone 13 to an Apple store, as he said he was still satisfied with the iPhone 8 he was using:

“I’d rather wait than buy. I’m happy with my iPhone 8. For me, it’s like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6 as well.”

To date, Apple’s iPhone 13 has been generally well received by the public, despite critics constantly criticizing the innovative design in both hardware and software aspects of Apple’s new product, which almost nothing has changed over the years.

Although he doesn’t really have much sympathy for the iPhone, Wozniak does not regret praising the Apple Watch and calling it his favorite technology. Wozniak also mentioned that he’d like to see a foldable iPhone, but given Apple’s “lack of innovation,” it looks like the tech geek’s dream will be a long time coming. realistic.


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