The best and fastest DNS, Google, Viettel, FPT, VNPT, Singapore, DNS Server

The following article is a summary of all the best and fastest dns, Google, Viettel, FPT, VNPT, Singapore, DNS Server …. You can refer and choose a fast, good DSN that helps you have Can surf the web with fast speed and efficiency.

DNS In simple terms, a tool for domain name resolution is an intermediary tool that connects users and Internet services through entering specific domain names in the address bar of web browsers. There are many types of DNS and the Fast DNS almost play a part in determining faster browsing speed.

List of Fast and best DNS

The best and fastest DNS shared in this article has been tested and guaranteed to have a stable speed, good security, but in many cases DNS can be slow or flickering due to too many hits. counter.

Best and fastest DNS synthesis

Before Use fast DNS To improve the speed of accessing websites or playing games, readers need to change DNS on computers, instructions to change dns for each version of Windows has been given quite detailed instructions for readers to refer and self. perform.

* List of the best DNS in Vietnam

In Vietnam, some fast DNS of Vietnamese carriers will be more stable than foreign ones, such as DNS Viettel, VNPT or FPT.


DNS Viettel:


quick and best dns list

DNS NetNam


* List of best foreign DNS

Among the best foreign DNS available today, Google DNS is currently the most popular and used DNS.

DNS Google

DNS Singapore



DNS Norton

DNS Comodo Secure

Dns are fast and good

DNS Norton (for families)

Security (against malicious code, fraudulent websites)

Privacy + anti pornography

Privacy + anti pornography + blocks harmful content for families

DNS Advantage

DNS Dnsadvantage

DNS Hi-Teck

DNS SmartViper

Verizon DNS




Above is a list of the fastest and best DNS in terms of security. Users after changing DNS can experience network speed significantly changed compared to before. In addition, choosing the best DNS and conducting DNS changes also helps fix DNS Server not responding quite popular today.

The DNS Server Server not responding error occurs mainly due to the DNS address that the user chooses to respond to, resulting in the inability to navigate to the destination website. There are many other cases also due to the slow network speed, to solve this error, users can upgrade the package to speed up the internet or apply the Internet acceleration tips introduced by
Here, Cloudflare has launched a new DNS service with DNS range with the fastest response time of only 14 ms, how to change DNS Cloudflare is very simple and similar to changing normal DNS We still use it often. You can refer to offline.

Good luck!


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