The best driver update software for Windows

The best driver update software for Windows

A driver is an important part of the desktop or laptop that allows the device to communicate with the operating system, so it needs to be updated regularly so that the hardware can work properly. Although there are many ways to automatically update drivers, you should use driver update software. If your computer is running Windows, please refer to the software suggestion below!

Table of Contents:
1. Driver Booster.
2. Driver Talent.
3. Advanced Driver Updater.
4. Ninite Updater.
5. Free Driver Scouts.
6. Smart Driver Updater.

The best driver update software for Windows

1. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is at the top of the list of the best Driver Update software for Windows because it makes updating drivers simple and completely free. You can schedule Driver Booster to automatically find outdated drivers. Once new updates are detected, you can start downloading them from within Driver Booster without having to open your web browser to access them.

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One of the strong advantages of Driver Booster is that before the driver is installed, you can see how the new version of the driver differs from the newly installed driver. Driver Booster also creates a restore point before installing the driver in case there are problems when installing and this is considered as a prominent feature of Driver Booster.

– Download Driver Booster here.

2. Driver Talent

Driver Talent is actually a free driver software for Windows that is extremely easy to use and user friendly. It will scan your device for all available drivers. After that, Driver Talent will determine which driver is outdated, which driver is broken, corrupted, .. and fix all of those weaknesses with a click of the mouse.

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When installing and running the software, click on the Scan option and it will provide all the details related to your driver. Driver Talent can check your graphics card, sound card, wired / wireless network, motherboard, USB, printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner and other devices.

In addition, Driver Talent can also create driver packages for existing PCs or packages you want to use. To do this, you must select the Pre-download option and other necessary options. However, if you want to create a driver for another device, you need to enter the hardware information for the device.

– Download Driver Talent here.

3. Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is a useful software designed by Systweak Software that helps update drivers on your device. All you need to do is scan your device after the software is installed and the software will determine which drivers are outdated. It will then ask for your approval to update the driver.

Moreover, Advanced Driver Updater allows you to backup drivers on your device, which you can undelete / restore at any time. The best part is that this software supports multiple languages ​​such as French, Spanish, Italian and many others. Advanced Driver Updater is compatible with all devices running Windows XP and above. This software costs $ 29.95.

– Download Advanced Driver Updater here.

4. Ninite Updater

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If you are looking for a free driver update software, then you should try Ninite Updater. Its main features are checking for updates for more than 90 programs in the background, warning about driver updates and updates, ….. After installing this software, it will monitor programs and perform necessary actions automatically. Ninite Updater has many important applications including many essential applications for your programs.

– Download Ninite Updater here.

5. Free Driver Scouts

Free Driver Scouts is a free software that provides you with automatic driver updates. Accordingly, the updates are automatically downloaded by the application and then also installed automatically without any of your input device. Free Driver Scouts also provides the option to exclude drivers from the scan so they won’t require you to update in the future.

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One of the main features of Free Driver Scouts is the ability to back up and restore drivers. You can back up some or all of your drivers and then restore them at your convenience if desired. The OS Migration Tool is another great option of Free Driver Scouts. You will have to use this feature if you want to install other Windows operating systems for your device. It will locate the drivers on the device for the new operating system and store them in a custom location like the flash drive.

6. Smart Driver Updater

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Smart Driver Updater is a driver update software worth a try. It also effectively scans your system and warns you to upgrade outdated drivers in your system. After consideration, you can update the driver with just one click.

– Download Smart Driver Updater here.
In addition, the software also features driver backup and recovery support along with schedule scanning features. The software works with all versions of Windows.


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