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The best encouragement sentences in English


Nowadays, using the best and most meaningful English encouragement sentences has become more popular so that we can encourage each other while studying, working hard, tired … Timely words of encouragement and the right time will bring good results, help the recipient feel motivated to continue the work.

The best encouragement sentences in English

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The best encouragement sentences in English

The best encouragement sentences in English

English is known to be a concise and concise language. Such as New Year greetings, in Vietnamese you will have to depend on the opposite person to change the vocative appropriately such as “Happy New Year brothers and sisters“,”I wish you a healthy new year, good luck“… but English is only encapsulated in three words”Happy New Year! “.

Therefore, in situations that want to encourage and encourage friends and relatives before important events, many people want to use encouragement sentences in English which are good sentences in English because they are both concise and acting. Describe all the meaning that the speaker / writer wants to convey, and refer to good sayings in English to encourage and encourage others introduced by

Encouraging when someone has not started to do anything

Use the following sentences to motivate someone who is trying to decide whether to do it, in case of many difficulties and risks:

Give it a try. (Just try it)
Go for it. (Do it)
Why not? (Why not?)
It’s worth a shot. (That’s worth a try)
What are you waiting for? (What are you waiting for?)
What do you have to lose? (What else do you have to lose without doing?)
You might as well. (You can do it)
Just do it. (Just do it)

Encouraging when someone has done very well

Encouraging sentences are used not only before a person gets to work, but also when they are encouraged after a process of effort and good results. Use the following sentences to encourage someone to continue promoting what they are doing:

There you go! (You did well.)
Keep up the good work. (Good job, keep up the good work)
Keep it up. (Very good, keep promoting it)
Good job. (You did well.)
I’m so proud of you! (Mom is very proud of you!)

Encouraging when someone is having difficulty

No matter what we do, there will be times of difficulty, while encouragement is very important, helping us to have more motivation to persevere and try to overcome that stage. Do not hesitate to say these encouraging words to your friends in difficult times:

Hang in there. (Keep trying)
Do not give up. (Do not give up)
Keep pushing. (Keep going forward)
Keep fighting! (Fighting!)
Stay strong. (Be strong)
Never give up. (Never give up)
Come on! You can do it !. (Come on, you definitely can do it)

Encouraging when someone is facing a difficult decision

Use these sentences to encourage someone to keep trying:

I’ll support you either way. (I always support you anyway)
I’m behind you 100%. (I fully support you)
It’s totally up to you. (This is entirely up to you)
It’s your call. (Decided to go brother)

Sentences motivate, inspire others

The following sentences are not used in everyday speech but you can use them in writing or speech because they are very inspiring:
Follow your dreams. (Follow your dream)
Reach for the stars. (Reaching for the stars)
Do the impossible. (Doing the impossible)
Believe in yourself. (Believe in yourself)
The sky is the limit. (The sky is finite)



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