The best Facebook marketing strategy

The best Facebook marketing strategy

When doing Marketing on Facebook, surely everyone wants their Fanpage to like and customers will share regularly. So after customers have liked the fanpage, what should you do to not lose potential customers? In today’s article, will suggest for you!

Table of Contents:
1. Develop a marketing campaign plan on Facebook.
2. Share your offers.
3. Encourage customers to maintain interaction.
4. Give more incentives to customers monthly.

Marketing strategy on Facebook

1. Develop a marketing campaign plan on Facebook

The most successful Facebook marketing campaigns usually last for two to three weeks. During this time, you will have to focus on tasks such as posting, promoting and motivating customers to buy. Before doing these things, consider how you will stay motivated in those weeks and continue to attract more traffic to your Fanpage. You can do this by connecting with your target customers via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.

2. Share your offers on all media channels

marketing strategy on facebook

No method is unique and accurate to promote your Facebook marketing campaign to ensure the results you want. Therefore, you need to make use of all resources to reach customers who liked your Facebook page. You can do this by sharing the offers you want to customers through the media such as email, your product blog, live streaming, …

3. Encourage customers to maintain interaction

marketing strategy on facebook 2

Customers will still interact with your site after the marketing campaign on Facebook ends. Therefore, once you have a certain number of fanpage likes, ask your customers to join your Twitter page, sales blog, product website, etc. so you can stay in touch, keep interacting and catch up. Early build long term relationship with customers.

4. Give more incentives to customers monthly

Everyone wants to have more customers like the page and share the fanpage. Accordingly, you can do this by offering new offers every month, especially for those who have liked the page and loyal customers. In this way, you will increase the number of responses to the page and make the campaign Facebook Marketing Your becomes more attractive.
With the sharing in the above article, hopes to help readers implement the Facebook marketing strategy effectively and successfully. If readers have any questions or questions related to the above content, please leave your comments in the comments section of the article!


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