The best free File management software for Windows 10

When using Windows 10, surely many people will have difficulty managing files with Windows File Explorer. Therefore, today will suggest you the best free file management software for Windows 10 for your reference!

Summary of the best free File management software for Windows 10

List of file management software:
1. Directory Opus.
2. Free Commander.
3. Total Commander.
4. Explorer ++.
5. Q-dir.

1. Directory Opus

Directory Opus is an intuitive user interface file management software that allows you to choose between a single or two window view. If you want to open multiple folders, you can easily do so through tabs.

top file management software for windows 10 free version

The software also has a directory tree that allows users to easily convert folders, so that a specific file can be found. The search option that allows users to search for files easily and quickly in folders is also great. Another feature that helps you work with multiple files is the option to add tags and descriptions for each file. You can also specify the colors, icons, and ratings for each file to facilitate the search for files.

Directory Opus also allows you to rename files in batch, supports integration with FTP to help upload and download files smoothly without using third-party applications, supporting other storage formats. each other as Zip, RAR, etc. Directory Opus offers a free 30-day trial and then costs $ 49.

Download Directory Opus here.

2. Free Commander

This free file management software for Windows 10 has a dual-pane interface, showing you two different folders at once. This makes it convenient for you to copy or move files between two different folders. You can also add folder tabs for each frame as you browse your data.

top file management software for windows 10 free version 2

There are many great features in Free Commander such as: splitting and merging files, creating and validating files, compressing and decompressing archives, renaming files, splitting files, … Above all, this tool also Can open network drives in addition to local files and folders. The only downside is that it doesn’t support cloud storage (cloud) or OneDrive.

Download Free Commander here.

3. Total Commander

Total Commander is a veteran file management software that uses a classic layout with two windows. However, with each update, it adds some advanced features like cloud-enabled storage services and native Windows 10 features. If you want to transfer a large number of files, this is Best tool for you. You can check the progress, pause and resume transfers and even set a speed limit.

top file management software for windows 10 free version 3

Total Commander supports many formats for archives like ZIP, RAR, GZ, TAR, etc. Total Commander also allows you to install different types of plug-ins for file formats that it does not support. Moreover, it also helps you compare files based on file synchronization, splitting and merging large files or content, batch file renaming, etc.

In addition, the interface of the file manager app Total Commander is easy to use and supports quick navigation, has customizable shortcuts and has a built-in file storage tool. Total Commander has advanced search features and this is also a great plus point of this application.

Download Total Commander here.

4. Explorer ++

Explorer ++ is a free and open source file manager designed for Windows to bring great experiences to Windows users. The good feature of Explorer ++ is that it has folder tabs, built-in for OneDrive and a dual-pane interface so you can browse your files easily. Moreover, you can bookmark tabs and save folder lists.

top file management software for windows 10 free version 4

Explorer ++’s interface is easy to use, customizable and the file browser allows you to use all the basic file functions like filtering, sorting, moving, along with other advanced features like split and combine files. Explorer ++ also allows you to change the dates and properties of files. Best of all, you can download Explorer ++ in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows without installation.
Download Explorer here.

5. Q-dir

top file management software for windows 10 free version 5

While most file managers have a two-window interface, Q-dir provides a four-window interface and that’s why it’s also called Quad Explorer. The main purpose of this tool is to manage multiple folders at once. You can change the number of windows and arrange them vertically and horizontally. Additionally, you can also create folder tabs in each window. You can even customize it to make it easier to see. Q-dir also allows you to save working windows so you can continue your work on some other systems or save status if you plan to reinstall the operating system. With such interesting features, plus a completely free application, Q-dir is worth the choice for you to try.

Download Q-dir here.
With the information provided in the above article, hopes to help you find a useful software to manage files on Windows 10. If you have any questions regarding the content in the article, you Read please leave your comments below the article comments section!


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