The best free HTML editor for Windows computers

The best free HTML editor for Windows computers

To develop a website, you must at least be good at coding HTML code. This is not simple because you can make mistakes. If you do not know where you are wrong, you need help from HTML editing tools to help you code and support you to perform many other tasks. Today will suggest you the best free tools to draft HTML for Windows computers.

Summary of the best free HTML editor for Windows computers

Summary of HTML editing tools for computers:
1. Notepad ++.
2. Atom.
3. Komodo Edit.
4. Eclipse.
5. Adobe Dreamweaver CC.
6. NetBeans.

1. Notepad ++

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Notepad ++ is one of the most popular HTML editors for Windows and it is a perfect replacement for regular Notepad. It is a widely used, completely free and very easy to use HTML editor with very useful built-in features. Notepad ++ also supports multiple languages, is controlled by the GPL license and functions in MS Windows environments. Notepad ++ is written in C ++ and works on Scintilla.

Download Notepad ++ here.

2. Atom

If you’re looking for a free, open source HTML editor, then Atom might be the ideal choice for you. It allows developers to edit, change, share or exchange the source code of the program. At the same time, developers can also create their own packages to optimize Atom.

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Atom is a software that works on all major platforms and allows you to search and install new packages. Alternatively, you can write code faster by using the autocomplete function (complete words based on what was entered earlier). You can also browse and open a file, a completed file or some of the files you are doing in a single window.

In addition, you can even split your interface into multiple windows for easy comparison and editing across all files. Besides, it also allows you to search, preview and change text when you search for a file or in all your files.

Download Atom here.

3. Komodo Edit

For those looking for a simple HTML editor, Komodo Edit is exactly what you need. It also offers many advanced features like unit testing, code refactoring or debugging, while it also works with Gulp, Vagrant, version control systems, etc.

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This editor highlights any unsaved changes and any SCC changes that use margin. You can even divide an item into two or more tables and edit them side by side. Komodo Edit allows you to select different locations in it, to apply all changes made in one location to all selected locations.

Highlighting changes, activating excerpts by entering an acronym, adding code in abbreviations, etc. are other prominent features of Komodo Edit.

Download Komodo Edit here.

4. Eclipse

Eclipse is especially suited to those who write code on different platforms in multiple languages. The Eclipse editor is mainly available as a plugin and you can choose the right one and apply it to your project.

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Eclipse supports developing applications based on Java TM 12 and Java EE TM 8. Although the startup time is a bit long, Eclipse is also gradually improving in the new version. Eclipse also offers a wide range of plugins and platform options for its customers.

5. Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC helps you quickly create websites visually. This tool provides smart and simple encryption tools so you can build, encrypt and publish web pages and web applications easily. It also allows you to access code suggestions for you to learn and edit languages ​​like HTML, CSS, etc. In fact, you can even make your site work faster with launchable templates that can be easily customized to create HTML emails, blogs, portfolios, newsletters, etc.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC helps you create visual websites suitable for different types of screens easily. You can even preview your web pages and make quick edits to ensure that your web pages are up and running according to your wishes. You can also enlarge your work area by displaying your pages on different screens. Adobe Dreamweaver CC integrates with CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and easily combines with Git support.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC has a free trial and the upgrade price of this tool is $ 19.99 / month.

Download Dreamweaver CC here.

6. NetBeans

This free and open source HTML editor helps you develop web applications for desktop and mobile platforms quickly and easily. NetBeans uses programming languages ​​such as HTML5, C / C ++, PHP, etc. NetBeans’ fast user interface provides an intelligent development environment. You can edit text with features such as syntax and semantics highlighting using useful tools.

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Moreover, NetBeans provides a range of editors, templates, and tutorials to help you develop Java, PHP or other language-based applications. It is a tool that works with all major Java-enabled platforms and helps you to write code without errors or provide an easy and effective project management platform. Not only that, NetBeans also supports a variety of plugins.


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