The best Karaoke Online web on computer 2020

There are many free karaoke websites available today, such as IKara, KaraFun, KaraHD, HatKaraoke …. You can access one of these online karaoke websites with words to satisfy your singing passion. right on your smartphone, your computer.

Just open the browser and then visit the top one Online karaoke website The best free song below is that you can sing your song without having to spend any money to invest in a good orchestra. All you need is a computer or phone with a microphone and an internet connection.

The best web karaoke online

TOP best Karaoke Online website for free

1. iKara

iKara provides you with a lyric online karaoke platform with countless songs that can be sung easily on your computer or phone so you can unleash your “voice training”. Besides, iKara also provides application versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices so that users can access karaoke more conveniently besides the web version.

top website hat karaoke online iKara

Access iKara website address HERE

2. KaraFun

KaraFun focus on updating the database for foreign songs. The website has a beautiful interface, easily search for famous songs on the website, store interests, create karaoke lists for singers. KaraFun users can sing karaoke on the website with the best sound quality and the lyrics are clearly displayed. However, the biggest drawback of KaraFun is probably the website that only allows free songs with a certain number of songs, to get more songs, you will have to pay a fee not small monthly.

Karaoke web site on the KaraFun online computer

Access KaraFun website address HERE

3. KaraHD

If you need to find a website with an extensive database of Vietnamese songs, then KaraHD Very fit for your needs. Simple interface, easy to use and completely free, KaraHD is always the top choice in the TOP best Karaoke Online web. The list of songs distributed by KaraHD is very reasonable, from foreign music, lyrical, children, … to pre-war music, reformed music, all with accurate lyrics.

web karaoke karaoke online KaraHD

Access KaraHD website address HERE


Similar to KaraHD, among the best online karaoke web sites Provide lots of Vietnamese songs with standard lyrics, beautiful interface, neat and high quality images. The website has a list of the Top 100 best songs in many genres to help you easily select good songs quickly.

karaok website website online

Access website address HERE

5. HatVoi Nhau

Although the number of songs on HatVoiNhau limited but the website is always updated quickly with the latest and greatest songs with various genres such as Remix music, Ancient music according to user requirements. HatVoi Nhau’s interface is quite streamlined so that users can easily sing on the web from computers or sing on smartphones.

Karaoke hat website online HatVoi Nhau

Access website address HatVoiNhau HERE

To sing karaoke on a computer from those websites, of course you have to install the microphone to record the song with the best quality.

Besides, in addition to the web karaoke online with the best free lyrics above, readers can also use YouTube to search by keyword. song name + karaoke to sing offline.

Above is the TOP best free Online Karaoke web site to help you unleash singing with your friends and relatives in the simplest, easiest and most economical way. These websites also provide you with a huge database of songs from the internet for you to search easily.
If you are looking for Karaoke software, also has a top list article Karaoke software Best helps you to pick out a great software for your needs.


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