The best PDF reader apps on Android

Having a PDF reader app in your Android device is essential. These applications include various functions such as viewing PDF files, in PDF format and editing PDF documents.

Whether for work or study, you need a quality PDF reader if you use this file type often, for example, read e-books. Here is a list of the best PDF reader apps for Android you can try.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to quickly view, edit, sign, export, and comment on PDF documents right from your Android device. Files can be stored online and accessed quickly after each reading. With multiple single-page reading and continuous reading modes, you can easily skim through the main ideas of the text.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

You don’t have to worry about viewing documents in low light thanks to Adobe Reader’s dark mode, which also saves battery life. AI “Liquid Mode” makes it easier to navigate PDF documents on your phone. The powerful search function can help you find any word in the text without having to read the whole paragraph.

Adobe Acrobat PDF runs Android 5.0 or later, with support for in-app purchases to add more features.

2. Google PDF Viewer

The Google Drive app always lets you open PDFs. But if you don’t want to install a whole Drive app just to open PDF files, you can use the standalone Google PDF Viewer. With this application, you can view PDF files, print documents and search words within documents.

Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer

Even though you don’t see the icon on your home screen, the app still runs when you open a PDF file on your Android device. One of the main strengths of this app is speed. As long as you own a modern device, Google PDF Viewer will quickly display your PDF files of any size.

Google PDF Viewer is optimized for both portrait and landscape viewing, so no matter which way you hold your phone, the app will handle it. However, this application does not have a markup tool, but other features are very suitable for handling sensitive or confidential documents. In addition, Google PDF Viewer does not take up too much space of the machine.

3. All PDF

All PDF allows you to view PDF files for free. To stand out from the crowd of PDF reading applications, All PDF offers a lot of tools to support reading files on mobile devices. On this app, you can import and split files, features usually only available on paid apps.


This application is very easy and fast to use with PDF files. The application has the option to share after reading and printing if the device is connected to the printer. You can arrange PDF files according to your usage needs.

You can open PDF files from photo managers or other apps like Gmail and WhatsApp to read in All PDF. After closing a file, you can reopen it later and return to the page you were reading.

4. Xodo PDF Reader

With Xodo PDF Reader, you can view, edit, and sign documents right from your Android device. This application makes reading PDF files faster and easier. You can edit your files to better suit your needs by inserting, deleting, and rotating pages.

With a high zoom factor and full screen mode, you can focus on your work without distractions. Read more clearly in low light with night mode.

Xodo PDF Reader
Xodo PDF Reader

One strength of Xodo PDF Reader is collaboration with other services, such as your Google account. You can view and merge PDF files from your Android device and on Google Drive. With the option to connect to other cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, you can access files from anywhere to work and study. It also syncs changes to the source file, so you’ll get the latest version everywhere.

The app is completely free on all platforms, there are no paid plans. In addition, the Xodo web application also allows you to merge multiple PDF files if you need to compile resources into one large file.

5. Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Foxit for phones is a fast and easy to use reader on Android devices. With Foxit PDF Reader Mobile, you can open files quickly and control how text flows to fit the screen. You can change the brightness and background to make the reading experience more enjoyable.

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile
Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Simple tools for highlighting text and adding notes or drawings to pages make reading with Foxit fun and engaging. While Foxit Mobile PDF is free on Android, you only get access to certain features like file merging and password protection after signing up.

Easily collaborate with colleagues, you learn by sharing files. It’s a great choice for cross-platform use, as Foxit is also one of the many PDF readers available on Windows. Integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive gives you added flexibility, and you can also use security features to protect sensitive information.

Finally, Foxit allows you to export PDF files to PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word.

6. CamScanner


CamScanner is one of the most powerful PDF reader and creator. The tool allows to import PDF files and scan physical documents, then turn them into PDF files right on your phone.

CamScanner has many features to improve the scanning process, helping to produce some crisp, clear documents. You can annotate PDFs, share with anyone, or even fax it for a small fee. The paid option brings extra features like 10GB of cloud storage space, some editing features, etc… However, the free version will still work well enough to do simple things simple.

Key features of CamScanner include:

  • Document Scanner: Scan anything you need, including receipts, contracts, paper notes, faxes, books, and store scans as multi-page PDF or JPG files.
  • Various modes: ID-CARD & PASSPORT – a mode specially designed for quick and convenient scanning of ID documents. QR CODE – read any QR code using your device’s camera.
  • Convert PDF: Create PDF from a web page, convert document files (doc, docx, ppt, pptx) to PDF. Supported file formats: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsm, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptm, pptx.
  • Easy sharing: Share files to comment or view in WhatsApp, iMessage, Microsoft Teams. Collect comments from multiple people in one online file. Quickly review documents by responding to each other’s comments. Get activity notifications for files you’ve shared. Attach email or send document link.


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