The best type of thermal paste

What is thermal paste, why must we use the best thermal paste and thermal paste for today’s computer? That is a question of many computer users because at least once they have heard of the term thermal paste but have not really understood it.

Thermal paste is known as the savior of computers and laptops after a long time of use and it helps the computer to release heat better, ensuring the durability of the processor or VGA device to work longer, More stable with fixed performance, unaffected by temperature. So currently on the market The best thermal paste for computers What kind?

The best thermal paste Arctic MX-4, Noctua NT-H1, Arctic Silver 5

How to use thermal paste for computers and laptops is not difficult, but one thing that users need to pay attention to is the best thermal paste for your computer and laptop because if you choose it carefully, whatever you apply how to use thermal paste for a computer, the best laptop is not effective and sometimes it can cause waste for yourself.

What is thermal paste?

Thermal paste is a mixture of glue and components that have good heat transfer properties like metals and ceramics. Thermal paste is able to fill the area with poor heat conductivity between the two surfaces. Put simply, when the two surfaces of the CPU and the heatsink come into contact, all of the emitted air will be transferred from the CPU to the whole heat sink through the glue.

Why must you use thermal paste for computers and laptops?

As mentioned above, after a period of using computers, laptops, the glue on the processor chip and the chip on VGA gradually gets peeled due to the heat each time used and if there is no good thermal paste leading to the situation hot device status, can disconnect itself when reaching 100 degrees and in the long term it affects the life of the device.

How do you know if a machine needs thermal paste?

Very simple when you only need to use the temperature measurement software when playing casual games or heavy games. If most of the glue is gone or gone, the temperature will skyrocket to 90 degrees and above 100 degrees automatically shut down. Readers can see how to check the CPU temperature here, with instructions Check CPU temperature will tell you what the current computer temperature is.

In addition, readers should also change the glue periodically 2 years with the first use of the computer and then 1 year with subsequent times. But if you play a lot of games, or play heavy games, you should shorten the gap to 1, 5 years for the first time and 6-9 months for the next glue.

The best thermal paste for computers, lap top

1. Arctic MX-4 thermal grease

the best glue glue 2

Main ingredient: Main ingredient is Carbon.
Advantages: Easy to use, easy to buy and affordable
Defect: Not the kind for overclocking
More information: Arctic MX-4 is one of the best thermal glue for computers using Carbon and it is very popular with the majority of gamers today. The affordable price and easy to find stores are the strengths of Arctic MX-4.

2. Noctua NT-H1 thermal grease

the best glue glue 3

Main ingredient: The main component of Noctua is ceramic.
Advantages: Great for overclocking.
Defect: Use a little more complex MX-4, but if used much, this is not a weakness.
More information: Noctua NT-H1 is the best thermal paste for computers with a main component of ceramic, Noctua NT-H1 is thicker and drier than MX-4 along with better thermal conductivity. One Noctua NT-H1 cable can be used for 15 computers and after using Noctua NT-H1 you will feel the temperature drop directly.

3. Arctic Silver thermal paste 5

the best glue glue 4

Main ingredient: The main ingredient is silver.
Advantages: Great performance for computers, gaming laptops.
Defect: Sometimes lightly conductive to users.
More information: Arctic Silver 5 contains up to 99.9% silver shavings and it is also considered a ceramic TIM, however when using this type of Arctic Silver 5 you should apply glue carefully, do not spill because of the silver nature its. The efficient thermal conductivity silver makes the CPU work better at high performance. However, this type of thermal paste takes a bit of time to fix, meaning that after pouring the glue, it takes a few hours to install other components.

4. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal grease

the best semi-permanent glue 5

Main ingredient: The main component of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is ceramic.
Advantages: Perfect performance, better than Arctic Silver 5.
Defect: The price of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is still quite high for users.
More information: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the best thermal paste for a computer that doesn’t conduct electricity, but its price is not cheap at all. It is the best thermal conductive ceramic thermal paste and is not conductive. And it requires no fixed time, is easy to use and effectively cools with temperatures up to 3.4 degrees lower than Arctic Silver 5 and Noctua NT-H1.

5. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut thermal paste

the best glue glue 6

Main ingredient: The main component is metal, so it exhausts very well.
Advantages: Maximum performance boost, used for both overclocking and normal operation.
Defect: Use a little harder than the above glue.
More information: This type of glue requires professional brushing to buy and use it, you need to apply a little glue and spread the glue with the available brush.Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut has all the tools to use. Easiest, you just need to follow the instructions. Remember that you must not use it on aluminum heat sinks because liquid metal can damage and leave black stains.

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is also the best thermal paste for computers and is able to decrease by more than 10 degrees when used compared to conventional glue.

Above is information of the best thermal paste for computers today and if you want to use your computer according to the “delicious – complementary – cheap” criteria, the MX-4 is a great choice, in addition to The MX-4 is also very easy to find at today’s computer stores.
Using the best thermal paste is the best way to solve the problem of hot computers and laptops. In addition to glueing out, users must also regularly clean the computer to ensure there are no more computers and laptops get hot, causing damage to users.


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