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How to change the video extension online will save time on software installation on the computer. The online websites now support conversion in many different formats and export files with very good quality. would like to introduce to you 2 best video conversion websites today.

On the Internet market today, there are many websites that allow you to convert a specific video format into other popular formats. Thanks to these Web sites, your computer does not need to install any other software with similar functions, saving space on your hard drive and helping you to complete your job well.

Here are two of the many websites that support the online video conversion that are rated as the best, summarized and reintroduced to readers by

Top 2 online Video conversion websites

1. Zamzar online video exchange website

Zamzar is able to work with almost all video formats available in the market, not only supports Video conversion but you can also use this service to convert Audio files, documents into supported formats. .

The downside of this service is that it is only allowed to convert videos up to 100MB, if you want to convert videos with a higher capacity, you must register a Pro or Business account to do your job best.


* Visit the homepage of Zamzar, select the tab Convert Files to start the conversion process.

* To convert a Video, you must perform the following four steps:

Step 1: Click Choose Files To open a folder on the computer containing the video to be converted

video conversion service online

After selecting Video, This Video will automatically display in the list of Videos you want to convert (you can select many different Video files to convert).

Step 2: Select the output video format that you want to convert by clicking Convert file to:, a list of Video formats will appear for you to choose.

Step 3: Enter your Email address so that after the conversion process is finished, the output video will be automatically transferred directly to the Email entered.

Step 4: After performing all 3 operations above, click Convert for the transition to begin

The conversion time depends mainly on the size of the video you choose.

After the conversion process is over, you just need to log in to your email account and get the desired output video.

2. Online-Convert video conversion website

Online-Convert is a versatile online file conversion service, so that users can convert videos online easily as well as convert mp3, photos, documents, etc. The service is diverse, free and has a long storage period, making it easy to share converted files to online archives. The restriction is that it is not possible to convert large online videos without signing up for a premium account.

If you want to convert your current online video into a different video format, choose Select target format …in the section Video Convert Please.

Convert video online

If you want to convert online video to audio file format, please click Select target format … in the section Audio Convert.

To convert videos online, please follow our guide below:

Step 1: Visit website HERE

Step 2: Choose a video format to convert any. In this example, chooses to convert from MP4> FLV. After selecting in the service will automatically convert.

Convert videos online

Step 3: Click on the item Choose File or another simpler way, is to copy and enter the path of the current video file you want to convert to FLV.

convert video online

Or even select files directly from cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 4: Once you’ve selected the files you want to convert videos online, go to the steps to set up video options. Changes include: Change screen size, video bitrate (video frame), audio quality (sound quality), frame rate (frame rate), trim video, rotate video ( video recording) or create a mirror effect, flip.

Online video conversion

Click Convert file to start the conversion.

How to convert videos online

Depending on the size of the uploaded file, the online video conversion may take some time.

Once completed, the service will automatically download the file to your computer. Depending on the browser you are using, there may be different file paths. Click on it Direct Download Link If the file is not automatically downloaded.

guide to make videos online

Select a file location and press Save

guide to make videos online

Video file after converting online video with Online-Convert service.

How to convert videos online

Similar to converting online video to MP3 audio files or other formats, follow the same steps. However, it is important to understand carefully the parameters in Optional settings before converting.

How to convert videos online

Select the desired audio file format to convert.

Convert video online

The options may vary depending on the file format converted.
If you feel that this online service has not met your essential needs, you can replace them with other video conversion software available at


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