The best way to save USB data

If you are worried about how to save data, recover lost USB data, in the article below, will guide and recommend you the best way to save USB data.

There are many causes of a USB drive error, resulting in the data you store in it that could be lost or corrupted. In particular, the common causes may be due Unplugged USB drive improperly, unsafe, or may be due Accidentally deleted data important in that, …. The following article will guide you the best way to recover and rescue USB data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

4 common errors on USB drives and how to fix them

Here summarizes and introduces to you 4 issues, the most common errors in the process of using USB data storage as well as how to fix errors:

Error of disconnecting USB in safe mode

Some users reported during the process when they disconnected the USB from the computer in safe mode, but on the screen displayed an error message saying that the USB drive could not be disconnected in safe mode, Windows ask the user to close all programs that are using the device, then try again. If you make a risk, arbitrarily unplugging the USB drive can lead to a situation where the USB drive is faulty or damaged.

The best way to save USB data 2

If you encounter this error, follow the steps below to fix the error:

Step 1: Try checking to see if any data copy / transfer is in progress.

Step 2: The next step is to check and confirm if any programs on Windows are using files stored on the USB device that you need to disconnect and unplug. If so, close the program and try ejecting the safe USB drive for errors.

Step 3: If the error persists after checking and closing all programs, open Task Manager, then kill all unnecessary applications running in the background. If the error persists, try closing the process explorer.exe Check again and see if the error still exists.

Important note: Never disconnect a USB device from your computer in an unsafe mode, as this could lead to data loss.

USB Device Can’t Be Recognized Error

If the USB drive is connected to the computer, but the device does not recognize and display the USB device. Refer to some solutions, tips below to fix errors.

The cause of this error may be due to:

– The problem may be due to the corrupted USB drive.
– USB port is not strong enough.
– Compatibility issues.
– BIOS installation problem.
– USB is hidden.

The best way to save USB data 3

Here are some solutions to solve the problems corresponding to the above errors:

– Try connecting the USB drive on another computer to see if it works.
– Check if the USB port provides enough power or not.
– Check if the motherboard and the system are compatible with each other.
– Make sure USB is enabled on the BIOS and operating system.
– Display a USB drive with Disk Management or 3rd party applications.

Error cannot access USB drive

In case if you can not access and view any data stored on the USB drive, and on the screen displays a message saying that you need to format, format the USB drive.

The best way to save USB data 4

In fact, this error can occur after a USB drive is attacked or corrupted by a virus, or it could be for other reasons.

In this case, recommends that you use the option Damaged Partition Recovery in MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover inaccessible USB data, then apply other solutions to fix the error.

If you accidentally delete data on a USB device

If you accidentally delete important files and data on a USB drive, often this error occurs quite commonly. In fact, you can easily recover deleted data by selecting the option Undelete Recovery in MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Also, if it detects data that doesn’t fly, don’t worry too much because you can still recover your data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Refer to the content below to restore your data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Rescue USB data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery recommends using MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the best free data recovery software for both experienced and unused users to recover lost data on USB.

Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery to your device and install it here: Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

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After downloading and installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the next step is to open the application. MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides 5 users with 5 options to recover data in different cases. Just select the option to restore the appropriate data => select the device to scan => select the recovered files from the list of results.

Why choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

Here are 7 reasons why using MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best way to save USB data:

1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is completely free and effective software.
2. The software file size is quite light, basically the software installation requires no additional hardware.
3. Provides 5 options that allow users to recover lost data in accordance with each case and situation.
4. Provide a wizard-like interface.
5. Fast scanning speed, efficiency, automatic data protection.
6. Can work and be compatible on many different operating systems, and can recover data on most common storage devices such as USB drives, memory cards, CDs / DVDs, computer hard drives count, ….
7. The software does not break, damage the user’s current data.
The above article has just introduced you the best way to rescue USB data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Also, you can refer to more ways Recover corrupted USB files Hopefully the above article has provided you with more useful information and knowledge to not be passive in case if you want to recover the lost data. Good luck.


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