The Canon 2900 printer has a paper jam

Is the status of Canon 2900 printer jammed in anything ominous? Paper jams are very normal but what if the safe is regular? What problems do you need to know when you encounter Canon 2900 printer jam?

The jammed printer is too normal and the condition Canon 2900 printer has a paper jam nor an exception. However, to better understand this issue, not everyone knows to be able to handle it quickly because the jam of the printer has greatly affected your work at the present time.

So the following article is Canon 2900 paper jam is the encyclopedia for you about all the errors that cause the Canon 2900 printer to jam.

How to troubleshoot Canon 2900 printer jammed paper

Cause Canon LBP 2900 paper jam

– Paper is thin and poor quality very often cause paper jams.
– To print paper is not neat, paper is not flat.
– Paper printed once, with staples or other foreign objects in the paper.
– Sensor separation paper on the printer is broken.
– The printer’s silk screen and drying lot are torn by the use of hard objects.
– Sometimes due to the printing of large quantities up to several hundred sheets is also very easy to jam.
– The machine is dirty, the ink remains inside, not cleaned

Consequences of frequent Canon LBP 2900 paper jams:

– Easily damaged batches, silk bags lead to printing is always torn, crushed
– Easily damage sensor separates paper on the printer
– The toner cartridge is also likely to be damaged if the paper is not picked properly.
– The printer will have some damaged parts if trying to take paper, pull the paper.

How to fix Canon 2900 printer jammed paper

Note that each printer has a different way of clearing jams because of different designed parts, but this guide is enough to let you know the paper position and handle the Canon LBP 2900 case.

Step 1: The first job when you fix the Canon 2900 printer jam is to disconnect the power, open the lid of the machine, and slowly pull the cartridge out of the machine. Note that holding the edge of the cartridge and then retracting it, the printers are constructed so it is easy to repair.

Canon 2900 printer is connected to the printer 2

If you see a jammed paper below, use both hands to slowly pull it out, taking care not to jerk or use one hand to pull out the jammed paper.

Step 2: Similarly, if the paper is stuck on the top of the output, you must slowly use two hands to pull the paper, experimenting with using force or using one hand to pull.

Canon 2900 printer is connected to the printer 3

Step 3: In case the jammed paper is in the state of the printer’s roller part, you just need to use both hands to slowly pull out the paper at the same time. This operation you are not allowed to do it carelessly but slowly.

Canon 2900 printer in shoe 4

Step 4: In the case of paper jammed in the roll between the rolls, use two fingers to slide into the back of the paper and slowly pull it out carefully.

Canon 2900 printer is connected to 5

Step 5: Some printers can open the rear tray and in case the paper is stuck behind you simply open the cover and slowly pull the paper out with both hands.

Canon 2900 printer is connected to the printer 6

Step 6: If the paper is stuck in the middle between the front and the back, you still have to open both the back and then pull slowly at the front.

Canon 2900 printer is connected to 7

However, if the front is less trapped and studies the back, the best advice is to pull the back will be faster.

Canon 2900 printer is connected to 8

What should I do after pulling the jammed paper?

So, after fixing the Canon 2900 printer jammed paper, take out the paper, what is your work here?

– Still turn off the electricity at the machine, clean thoroughly the entire machine including inside and out, note inside do not use tissue paper but use soft towels is better.
– Wipe the shaft, the inside cavity is spilled.
– Recharge the paper tray, adjust the paper according to the best standard.
– Clean the cartridge thoroughly before reinstalling it into Canon LBP 2900.

Canon LBP 2900 paper jam is also one of the common Canon printer error during use. And this is not the only error if you often have to work with the printer. Therefore, the above articles will be a source of knowledge not to be missed to help you fix common Canon printer problems such as paper jams, crashes or flashing lights.


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