The computer automatically shut down the application, its causes and solutions

On a good day, when you are opening any application on your computer to work, but you encounter a computer error that automatically shut down the application, does not display any notifications, and refer to the article Write below of to find out the cause as well as how to fix a computer to turn off the application itself.

There are many causes of self-exiting applications on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7, hardware errors, software errors. Let’s refer to some ways fix computer error by turning off the application itself in the following article of

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Fix computer self-off applications

Method 1: Restart the computer

If you’re faced with a computer error that keeps shutting down applications without displaying any warnings, the first solution you can fix is ​​to restart your computer. Suppose if you recently installed an application, or an error occurred with other software or programs running on the system, rebooting the computer will help fix problems and self-exit applications. on windows 7, 10, and 8.1.

After restarting the computer and the error still occurs, try to apply some other troubleshooting methods below.

Method 2: Close the applications, the program is running in the background

Close all other programs and applications running in the background, such as instant messengers, media players, browser windows, etc., and try opening the application again. If the application opens without encountering any more errors, the cause of the error of closing the application on the Laptop is most likely due to the programs and applications running in the background.

Method 3: Update the application

Program errors can also cause application errors, program exits abnormally. Therefore, make sure the faulty programs and applications are updated with the latest patches. If the recently released application or program forces you to wait a while until the publisher deploys the patches for the user.

Note: If the application is working normally before installing updates, patches, it is likely that the cause of the computer to shut down the application itself is due to incompatible patches. The solution is to reinstall the old version for the application to work normally again.

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Fix win 10 error automatically shut down the application

Method 4: Hardware compatibility issues and issues

This error most often occurs with computer games. Driver errors can cause problems with the applications and programs you are running on your computer. Make sure your computer has the latest driver version installed, especially with the video card driver.

Method 5: Check the system requirements

Make sure the programs and applications you are running do not exceed the system requirements. Suppose if an application requires 512 MB of RAM and the system has only 512 MB, this will cause the computer to automatically shut down the running application. The solution is to implant more RAM, upgrade the memory for the computer to ensure the application works properly.

Method 6: Check for problems related to temperature

If the CPU, GPU or hard drive overheats, it can cause errors, problems with your computer and the programs running on it. Make sure your computer, laptop does not over it by installing applications, 3rd party utilities to monitor system temperatures such as CPUID HWMonitor.

Download CPUID HWMonitor and install it here: CPUID HWMonitor

Method 7: Contact the application or game developer

Try contacting the developer of the application or game you’re experiencing for support and check to see if any compatibility issues or issues are happening. Compatibility errors also cause the computer to shut down the application itself.

Method 8: Error during installation

In rare cases, if you encounter an error during the application installation process, it may be the cause of the program not working properly. If all of the above apply but it is not available, try uninstalling the application and reinstalling, then try to check if the error persists.

Method 9: Hardware error

Finally, if all of the above methods apply but it is not available, it can be said that the cause of the computer shutdown application is not due to software but hardware.

In this case, you need to check to find out what the hardware cause is to find a fix. If you do not know how to perform, readers can refer to the article how check for laptop hardware errorSee which hardware is failing to know how to do it
The article above has just introduced you to the cause as well as instructions on some ways to fix the computer to shut down the application itself. In addition, if you encounter a computer error that starts automatically, automatically turns on, you can refer to some articles already on to know how to fix the error. Good luck!


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